The Raven – Edgar Allan Poe (A Dark Poem of Mystery & Horror)

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Read by Shane Morris

"The Raven" remains one of the most popular poems ever written, first penned by Edgar Allan Poe in 1845.

The poem reminds us of the importance of letting go; that you cannot hold onto everything you love forever as it will only bring you pain and suffering.

"The Raven" is a poem about a man who is heartbroken over the recent death of his beloved Lenore. As he passes a lonely December night in his room, a raven taps repeatedly on his door and then the window. After being let in, the raven lands on a bust of Pallas (the ancient Greek goddess of wisdom).

The man is amused by how serious the raven looks, and he begins talking to the raven; however, the bird can only reply by croaking "nevermore."

The man reflects aloud that the bird will leave him soon as all the people he cared about have left him. When the raven replies "nevermore," the man takes it as the bird agreeing with him, although it's unclear if the raven actually understands what the man is saying.

As the man continues to converse with the bird, he slowly loses his grip on reality. He moves his chair directly in front of the raven and asks it despairing questions, including whether he and Lenore will be reunited in heaven.

Now, instead of being merely amused by the bird, he takes the raven's repeated "nevermore" response as a sign that all his dark thoughts are true. He eventually grows angry and shrieks at the raven, calling it a thing of evil.

The poem ends with the raven still sitting on the bust of Pallas and the narrator, seemingly defeated by his grief and madness, declaring that his soul shall be lifted "nevermore."

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  1. fantastic narration, as always! may i suggest you do a byron poem next? maybe “she walks in beauty” or “darkness”?

    • Very cool, indeed. Even better, the team allowed the residents of Baltimore to vote on the name!

    • @Zion Musokotwane lol Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston. He died in Baltimore 😂

    • Thats a lie! The ravens went back in time and showed their awesome football skills and the fear induced by said skills caused poe to immortalize them in writing!

  2. Me encanta ybcon esa voz tan susurante me transporta a otro lugar otro mundo… Gracias es magnífico y mágico a la vez…

  3. Nevermore nevermore nevermore nevermore nevermore nevermore

    It’s so annoying the raven!

    Raven even annoying owls of any gahoole in snow or rain

  4. Thank you again Red Frost, for another classic to take us outside of the stresses and strains of the day to day mundane.

  5. This is a great reading of the poem, though my heart will always lie with Sir Christopher Lee’s retelling of it.

  6. This really spoke to me, I very much enjoyed it, thank you for all these years of hard work and soul you put into reaching a mastery of your voice and making your videos.

  7. I’ve loved this poem for over 40 years, and this is one of my favorite readings.

    • Have you listened to the reading of this poem by the late Sir Christopher Lee? It really is remarkable.

  8. I am in utter awe! Thank you for this precious content! One of the best poems that haunts the heart, mind & ears! Please I would love to listen to your recitation of Alfred Tennyson’s The Lady of Shalott, I will be waiting for this for as long as it takes.. thank you very much for being the best hiding place on YouTube for literature freaks 💜💜

  9. *” I will succeed for my parents, for all they have made for me! I hope you will too “*

  10. Love listening to these speeches. A month back one of them inspired to restart my channel and start growing. Thank you for that.

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