The Power Play of Limbo – Stop The Confusion

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The Power Play of Limbo – Stop The Confusion. Limbo is an uncertain period of time or state of uncertainty and/or non resolution, where a person is awaiting an important decision, action or resolution. It is an intermediate state or condition. When you are in a state of limbo, you will feel stuck; like there is no progress of improvement. One of the experiences that is central to limbo is powerlessness. When you are caught in limbo, you will feel like you have very little to no control or power. At face value, it’s easy to think that because limbo is such an infuriating and painful experience, all people must hate #limbo. But actually, there are some people who love it. Some people feel safer in a state of limbo. And some people use limbo as a passive #aggressive way to #gainpower over other people.

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  1. Was just standing outside asking for a sign cause I’m deep in the feels… this is my sign. Thankyou teal. I love you 🤍

  2. When I tell you this came in at the right time for me i mean it. I read the article before the video came out. I feel like Teal is calling me out finally. I have so much appreciation for this video. Thank you Teal for guiding us!

  3. You are full of wisdom and knowledge, and kind enough to share it with your subscribers. Thank you again Teal Swan!

  4. I really appreciate this 🙂 Thank you for making it! Could you make another video of what someone needs to do when they are primarily at the affect of limbo rather than the one causing it? Like if we are being clear on what we want, and verbalize it, but then don’t get an answer back, they have expressed interest to move forward but have not acted on it for a month. There like should be a time limit right?

    • I can both tell you, that I am experiencing exactly the same ! The painful truth underlying this pattern is that this person (or situation) keeping us in limbo is a mirror for our unconscious passivity.

      Helpful questions to ask oneself:
      How are we choosing limbo by allowing this person to stay in our life ? What do this person and I have in common when it comes to passivity ?
      If this person or situation were never to change, never to get out of limbo, then what would I want to do ? What can I do to powerfully take back responsibility over my life ?

      I hope this helps <3

    • look for her videos about powerlessness, like the one of last week but there are older ones

  5. of all the topics to choose from… im quite literally stunned to tears rn. you gave voice to what I’ve been thinking all week

  6. Teal you nailed it as always.Most people on the planet right now are very confused and don’t know what decisions to make and what actions to take.The only way out is in.There is no substitute for clarity. Clarity will allow you to make decisions you won’t regret later. I know most people don’t want to hear this because they are not willing to do any inner work.

  7. Teal, thank you so much for everything. I’ve decided to quit my job in accounting and follow my career as a self help coach and author. I want to teach spirituality and spread the message of my life story, like you did with yours. I started my YouTube channel and I feel like I’m on the right path. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

    • @B Martin oh I understand. When you hate something so much it’s tough. There was no way I could work 50 hours a week doing something I despise and try to keep a positive attitude to start a business. I wish you the best!

    • @Blake James – Scorpio Ascendant you’ll be in my prayers. I truly wish you the best!

  8. The timings of this Great Mind Play are absolutely mind blowing. Thank you, Teal 🍀

  9. Is it Timing or Teal reads our minds? 😉 I guess it is both :))) Thank you Teal for taking care of us, holding us and helping to make the jump ❤️ 🦘😊😍 Love to everyone coming out of Limbo

  10. I love diving into shadow work, but this is the topic I’m the most avoidant to look at…
    I’ve been working through this for over a month and I find myself doing more self avoidance than inner work.
    It really is about bravery I guess…

  11. I appreciate this so much. I’m 30 years old and have only just realised I have lived my whole life in limbo. I’m in a constant state of confusion. This has just taken a huge weight off my shoulders

  12. I asked everyone who she is because I need her in my life, no response and after hours of research I’m here and I feel so grateful to have someone understand me so much I wanna cry. On my road to feeling free and finding myself. Thank you.

  13. straight out of nowhere comes the best advice I have ever heard in my life. This is some paradigm shifting material Thank you. Gratefully, DJ

  14. Sounds like my current relationship. We both feel if we don’t define or make any intentions for the future, we can never get hurt or create obligations or expectations. The result is two people who maintain a wall superficiality where neither are able to be vulnerable. It’s amazing you posted this topic at this time. Fascinating.

  15. The timing is heavenly…and I’m being called out!! Thank you Teal, so much gratitude for you💓

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