The Parable of Wanting God (Aka: The Brutal Hermit)

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The Parable of Wanting God tells the remarkable tale of a Hermit who is absolutely brutal – and uses this brutal-ness to inflict lessons of wisdom and enlightenment to all who meet him… Pray you do not have to, save for in this short cartoon ^_^

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  1. Literally 99% won’t see this but, god bless you and stay safe during these hard times p.s im close to 56k💍

  2. Everything you need is within not without. Once found within it will manifest without

    Let freedom ring! Research it all here @

  4. I don’t need to find God. We are all God. I need to find my powers so I can heal my body. It’s not fun being in pain daily.

  5. To the person who is reading this:

    You’re amazing stay blessed, stay safe and have an amazing rest of your day!

  6. There is so much paradox in the search for spirituality, in Rinzai Zen there is very much a cultivation of this desire to know Truth, and that intense dedication brings up all the barriers to such knowing that are then burned off and purified through practice. But there is another way, the way of complete allowing, of choiceless awareness, of not doing but connecting with the simple feeling of being, a sort of effortless awareness. Each path has it’s own traps and struggles, and it’s up to us to reflect on whether we are getting lost in the practice, or if we are indeed coming more and more into the reality of existence.

  7. Indeed, the spiritual path is one of dedication. Following it for reasons like “fitting in” won’t work well in the end.

    Thanks for putting these together. I am loving ❤️ these parables.

  8. The point of the story is, if you want something you must focus on that only thing and nothing else. When underwater instead of focusing on what he wanted, his focus is changed based on his environment, and so the environment will control him, thus not getting what he wants, as his focus will always change.

  9. I saw this yeasterday on the spirit science möbius livestream, before it was uploaded.

  10. To find God, the first thing one needs to do is stopping fighting God’s existence.
    Who is against the existence of God becomes spiritually blind, and he will not see God no more.
    The second step is to start going continuously to church and praying

  11. It is with great gratitude that I am privileged to speak to you for a few moments and tell you what has been on my heart for so long when I have longed to remove from the land over which I have dominion, remove those creations that have tortured life, dishonored God and betrayed mankind. Now let us move into action the sacred fire of the universe and let its secret annihilation enter into the secret places where there have been hidden for centuries these creatures and these creations that must be consumed, And that life and energy purified and released back into the direction of the powers of life to compel perfection in the future that blesses the universe with the gifts of love.

    Love is the most wonderful thing in all the universe for within it is the infinite eternal resourcefulness of the great God life from that the great central sun to always bring into action that which consumes mankind’s creations, annihilates it’s records from the universe, and places the perfection of God’s love in its place to hold dominion for eternity, and thus bring freedom to life where human creation has bound it in distress.

    So blessed ones except my hearts love to you today. I assure you everything my love can give will come to you and blessings that are boundless if you help me render this service to help free the earth from that which has tortured and dishonored it’s so long. thank you precious ones.

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