The Parable of the Selfish Monk

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Happy Halloween! Here is a fun little (and a bit dark and spooky) parable for your Halloween pleasure! Today we journey down the road of what happens when we scorn the world for our own purification, and see where the path brings us…

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  1. I live right next to a monastery which was the home of Lama Yeshe and his supposed reincarnation Lama Osel, so this video reminds me of their teachings. Greetings from Nepal ❤

  2. I love this! The message shows us to keep our focus & peace and know your truth is just that…yours. Stay in your path but help others to find that peace and their truth.

  3. Jordan! First!!! Haha!

    Would you like to take interest in Mudfossil University? It brings a lot of scientific proof for what you speculated about in your History movies, he has also Done a lot of work on healtcare, the gut food and probiotic! Would you like to atleast consider him? Mudfossil University! Please check it out, the truth has to be brought to light. Same as Electron flood theory! Lots of interesting work!

    Thank you.
    “Consider all, believe nothing” belief systems limit us. You have some influence. Roger Spurr is able to talk with you if you have critica’s questions.

  4. I’m always so happy whenever I see you guys posted! I love the thought provoking ideas you ask us ❤️

  5. Buddhism is meant to be practiced, not read from a book! As the Buddha always said: “come and see for yourself!”

    • ALL religions or beliefs are to be PRACTICED.Jesus is your brother.if you read all “holy” books you would know that they all lead to the same place.also that mount Olympus has one peak which can be reached from 360 degrees of ascension paths.your Maker gave you a brain,use it.”Question Authority,the Universe is an Intelligence test,tune in turn on drop out”.

  6. Im in Brazil, i watch ur vídeos a long time, and ,i Just want tô say thank you.

  7. Thank you Jordan. Your families videos come up at the perfect times. I hope to hear more news on Drunvalo and what he is working on especially lately. I have alot of material to read yet but im always looking for more of his work. Much love. To everyone you are with. And of course yourself. I love you. All of you. Thank you. I love you.

  8. i go to work and i see all sort of toxic vibes that impact me when i go home i feel drained and tired i hope i can find inner peace

  9. First Zuma steals our money
    Ramaposa destroys our economy
    Malema kills our farmers
    Now this

  10. The soothsayer scene is really beautiful and exciting .I feel like that was the body he put to rest reincarnated .

  11. Ok guys I love to watch and honestly laugh most of the time but I have to say it the parables are awesome and this one is extra great. I’m loving it as more than entertainment. Good job (hipsters lol).

  12. This parable also teaches kindness! Even when we don’t want to help at times. Helping others is the most fulfilling thing we can do

  13. This is lovely. The bats and the candy corn are still making me laugh. Happy Halloween everyone <3

  14. Wonderful story! 🙏🏻 Thank you for sharing this ancient wisdom.🕊❤️🕊

  15. This is actually a fitting story for me. Spiritual purity comes from one’s own journey.
    I never split corruption and contamination separate from each other. In me thinking about corruption, I forget contamination is a result of corruption. People act similar ways, whether contaminated or corrupted, so it’s hard to decipher who caused that mess.
    Regardless of fault, people need help out of both and that is way more important than who is at fault.

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