The Parable of the River

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The Parable of the River tells a story of a river that suddenly and mysteriously gets murky and filled with gunk!! What can the small village do to save the poor river? Watch and find out!

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  1. Wow that was special and meaningful – Thank you Spirit Science
    Look at the root of the problem, rather than its consequences

  2. Everyone who sees this: You’re beautiful, and never give up your dreams, you are on this world for a reason!❤️

  3. Bruh besides my channel this is my favorite channel I watch every video posted!!

  4. I thought about chakras and the blockages in the body.
    Then I thought about my mind and some mental blocks im having to look at and analyze the systemic issue.
    And i can use this for my emotions and financial and mundane issues.

    Now do you have a parable about being lazy and self sabotage? Or.. would this parable actually answer those issues too..? 🤔
    Ooooo the rabbit holes..

  5. Another Takeaway: The Village by the river were blissfully unaware of the tainted water THEY were sending downstream. Similar issue in ‘The Man Who Would Be King’; Village B hates upstream Village A for Peeing in their river drinking source and wants to go to war. Village B also disregards the complaints of downstream Village C, and to teach them a lesson on who’s their superiors, themselves pee in the river.

    In practice, Village C will go to war with B and B with A & so on to Destroy the pollution source or straight up grab their fish…. and A will defend THEIR means of survival from those ‘savages’ downstream, Bribe the Leaders of Village B etc….. A wins over B, B over C etc because they are inherently healthier than their complaining downstream neighbors. [ Think StarWars – “I have the high ground Anakin, don’t try it!” ]

    The Upstream Village A’s concentrated toxic pollution clean up on the outskirts takes as much if not more effort as when it’s more dilute at reaching B, in the parable one Little Girl seems to be able to handle the same amount of labour as the entire Village downstream, but all the Little Girl has done is move the problem UpRiver, without providing any method to eliminate the issue altogether for all.

    If Village B has the secret to non polluting harmonious civilization, why not knock on the A’s door and SHOW them how it’s done in exchange for temporary upstream fishing access and help with fixing the problem while Village B continue their downstream cleanUp, instead of Cleaning up AFTER the fact of a still continuing output of toxic garbage?

    If no joy there, how about they divert part of the river to keep that clean themselves for Harvesting Fish at Village B?

    Sadly though the political reality is ‘Less Useless Eaters’ as the cure, Less of ‘You’ not Less of ‘Them’, and if you don’t recognize how this poisonous at source philosophy gets diluted in policy by the time it flows down to you, then keep drinking that Kool Aid, “it’s got electrolytes!”

    Not the whole story, but nice parable though.

    Here’s a quicker one; Tackle the Roots or spend your time Pulling Weeds.

  6. First of all I love your parables, found your videos when I was 16, now at 24 still watching, so thank you! I agree with solving something from the roots, but lately been thinking sometimes, yeah a past trauma or problem created feelings that affects us today in a simbolic way. Once you understand where the roots are, instead of trying to fix them, it works better for some to create new simbolisim that creates new feelings that make a bigger impact in your today, sometimes the river won’t be clean again, ever, somethings will always linger around, but we can always accept that and move like the nomads changing location as the natural flow of life and finding a new flow of river to build upon and set healthier roots with a broder understanding of what happen in the past

  7. The Paris Accord and Green New Deal however would never fix anything. Just a global tax from the NW0

  8. Ok,
    This time you did your homework and created something to teach others.
    Keep moving

  9. A small village with a plastic factory. Small twig huts around a giant metal drain pipe out of an industrial plastic factory

  10. even the youth can solve problems, take a listen to them.
    remember that 80% of the mind job is to solve problems in the majority of times.

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