The Parable of The Happy Fish

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  1. To whomever is scrolling: sending you weird vibes for the rest of the day and night. Thanks for reading!

  2. I get so sad at how short these vids are but I also know they must take a lotta work!! ♥️ thanks

  3. The question “How do you KNOW…?” implies you only think the fish are happy and still must prove your knowledge to the listener. It doesn’t do the opposite and establish your viewpoint as fact. Not that I disagree with the lesson. I know the fish are happy because their geometry is sacred just like mine and my definition of happiness is being present in this moment of wonder. They’ve got it in spades!

  4. What I took away is the student should’ve asked “why do you think they’re happy?” Instead of “how do you know they’re happy? “

  5. Still love your stuff man, I think you love knowledge and that’s the honor of someone who sees how his forefathers truly believe in him in that quest of his hahahaha
    wooo 2012 apocrypha team still here

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