The Parable of the Fearless

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In this episode of Patch Parables, we explore the concept of fear vs. faith, resistance vs. flow.
This story is a grand lesson on how acceptance can empower us to be fearless in times of hardship.

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  1. Whats uo from NZ YOOO .IM MAORi the natives of NZ. We call its Aotearoa land of the long white cloud

    • @Xanthee LightningFaerie did you read this idiot? If your gana call someone out for misspellings you better bring your A game and not misspell 2 dumbfuck

    • Do maoris ideolize powerless warriors the same way spirit science liberal spiritualism does ? Would you let violence happen just because you think you are powerless to stop it ? What kind of higher moral choice is that.

    • @hauzy t Then your pride in being a maori is laughable and without justification, thank you for confirming your inability to communicate. I am a norman, we literally conquered and still control the entire world, thank you for your time “warrior”

  2. Your work is appreciated. Bliss be yours whoever reads this. Connecting to ALL & ALL Everything! Gratitude infinite in ALL things. Wholeness balance vibrations♾💜💚♾

  3. Once upon a time sir Alan watts told this parable too. Love and peace to all souls and Cheers to Spirit Science! <3

  4. The monk didn’t move because there is nothing in the world which can change his inner love. not even death. nothing would change… get it?

    • Yes, there is a way. And if you, which is the one who realize it, you should know it is the true, therefor honesty counts as the lower truth. who will be honest with who?

    • If your inner love doesn’t change the world, then it is bound to be extinguished by its opposed forces. You are a fool to think being pacifist means doing no harm, thats being harmless, your avoidance of conflict is blind to the forces at play in the world, and it is why your inner love is weak and remains fruitless.

  5. Beautiful reminder! ✨ Love the intro animations as well. Reminds me of the song lyric…”Acceptance is the key to be…to be truly free”

  6. Spirit science,, Wow.. So many years now I’ve followed your channel, I think about 6 or 7 years now..
    You sir was one of the first to start to open my mind.
    There isn’t 1 video I haven’t watched..

  7. I’ve heard of this story before☺️🙏🏿awesome animation though, peace and blessings

  8. As someone who had gotten sick and died twice already (just didn’t stay dead) I suppose I’ve already been living the same way. Still young and the rest of my life to live its actually causing problems. I’m content just being alive and becasue of this I struggle with motivation. I notice it bothers people I seemingly don’t care about much.

    Was having chaos at work one day (through no fault of our own) My manager brought me into his office and tried giving me s**t, not about the issues however, but why I wasn’t getting angry about it. Seriously! I was getting in trouble for NOT getting angry. Told him basically how I’ve been through hell, and unless someone is dying nothing is really that important.

    • Both require little strenght and willpower, pulling through and retrying until you win is a more likely and fullfilling experience, but one would wager that existential cowards like the ones on this channel who pretend to reject duality while entirely pretending that only positivity exists in the universe would never know about these things, negative energies and struggles help complexify the character and the soul to greater effects, but one wouldn’t admit that living only in an absolute world of “light”

      False esoteric prophets like this channel make me sick.

  9. I feel the good vibes, but the monk was just suicidal.
    He had zero chance to protect the monastery, and probably could have passed on his knowledge if he weren’t so stubborn and arrogant. He accomplished nothing except some grand posturing. Fear has purpose, as does life.

    • The monk did not want to die, however, he wasn’t attached to life either. He did what he wanted to do and accepted the consequences of that because he transcended them.

  10. you should do the Hidden Spirituality on “Adventure Time”!

    Theres a lot of things to talk about there

  11. I hope everyone understands now that death is a natural part of life and you shouldn’t spend your existence living in fear of it 🙏

  12. Your suggestion is to let the innocents die due to your inability to be the master of the threads of your own fate, how foolish is that ? Any fighter, warrior, even a mere soldier fighting for money or civil rights would know. Warfare is not fair. Combat is not fair. Chaos is not higher energy, it knows no constant and nothing in it is set in stone, even the unmoving concepts of pain and sadness that are carved into our minds would have it that only higher energy cause positivism or can help the universe heal. Yet you are unwillingly encouraging them to exist by your inactions, you let the weak die because you are the weak, as long as you do not interfere as interlopers then maybe you should reconsider your eternal spiritual and personal cowardice when it comes to conflict.

  13. Warriors are too rare to be examplified. You want a real warrior ? Look up Charles Martel or Roland, you want a soldier ? Look up any real world military after the age of the sword. You want a fighter ? That can be anyone who is brave enough to sever the threads of their own fate and weave them to their desires.

  14. Does your community really enjoy not having nuanced discussions that much ? Its always accusations of brainwashing or unopened minds, I love seeing people pretending they are anything but the projections they level at me, but you people have been bothered by discussing ramifications rather than virtue signaling about pre-established “facts” and revisions of reality that you pass as absolutist things. It is disgusting and cowardly, as is the rethoric you force on the world.

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