The Parable of Long Handled Spoons

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One day, a holy man goes to see God, to ask about the nature of heaven and hell. This is that story…

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    • if no living things die in heaven where do you get meat from? its from hell, they eating people from hell.

  1. Great video. A thought popped into my head that the heaven is how we accomplish peace and abundance in earth. With my works, it helps someone else and someone else’s work would help me and so on and so forth. We really need the cooperation to truly fulfill our soul mission. When we work together, that manifests even faster.

  2. I love this one for multiple reasons. 1 it is something that I learned a long time ago and it’s beautiful to see that it’s still being taught to this day. 2 there are several people at work that I’m still trying to teach this to and this might be the simplest way to show them so they understand! Thanks again spirit science for making videos that describe ancient teachings so that it is something to teach the next generation!

  3. wow, that was actually a really good parable. looking forward to more of this

  4. This parable is wonderful. I remember hearing it long ago, and this reminded me. Thanks!

  5. The perfect parable of the reality we live in within most of Western society.

  6. kinda reminds me of free market economy, when used to help people it can make things better, but when used for greed it is bound to make people miserable

  7. This is a very very powerful message and is very true universal law is for sharing loving me and kind being honest and service to others

  8. 😮 I just viewed up to 1:22 and I’m wondering why in the world are those people so selfish as to not feed one another. They obviously cannot feed themselves. Why don’t they take a chance and help someone? I mean they aren’t even losing anything when you really look at it.

    🤯 1:44 It’s hard for me to believe there are people actually THAT greedy. Though anything is possible.

  9. Green lady god is fine. God is every gender/color/thing. People who choose to take issue with depiction are just looking for excuses to keep their minds closed. Many have programed their brains to find fault rather than value. Pity them.

  10. Talk about synchronization..Last night I watched someone in Turkey getting Turkish icecream. It is a whole show involving a long spoon, ice cream, and a cone. Before yesterday, I never had seen a long spoon used before.

  11. We definitely need more like this, I personally love anything parable/mythology related since they both seem to be more and more rare in today’s society

  12. In South India, we don’t use spoons. We directly use our hand to eat. Belief is, our digestion will be at its best when all 5 senses feel the food before it enters the body.. 😉🙏

    • ….but……. you can ‘bite’ a firm crunchy raw carrot and your ‘teeth’, ‘lips’ and ‘tongue’ can tell you its crunchy….. ?
      ……a drink of water is cool and wet to the mouth…. you DON’T need hands to have ‘feeling’……

      But if you want to eat soup with your hands, go for it! Just pointing out that you don’t have to accept what you hear and not give it any thought yourself.

  13. That’s what the Bible and our source says only cares that we love thy neighbor honor thy mother and father.

  14. Were it that more Empathy, compassion & Unconditional Love, more abundant, from humans to All, 🙏

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