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This knowledge is actually life changing.

Here's some sources so you can research for yourself:

Can Magnetized Water Improve Your Health?

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See The Future? – The Biorhythm

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  1. Dear person that’s reading this, we may not know each others but I wish you all the best in life!✨ Stop blaming yourself, accept things and go forward. Your smile is precious πŸ₯° all the keys of happiness is in your hands, so open it up πŸ”“

    *I believe in you, Love from a small YouTuber!* πŸ–€….

    • Being skeptical is good , being “my hero neil degrass would not agree” is being an ignorant sheep..
      Magnets do make plants grow faster.
      There are numerous academic papers confirming that.
      The evidence in humans is less clear but no doubt that is because of the influence of “big pharma”.

  2. This looks like another form of grounding. Look up the docu. The Grounded. It’s here on you tube.

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