The Nature of the Soul… More Mystical Traditions

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In this follow-up episode about the Soul, we explore some less commonly discussed understandings about what exactly a soul is, including many indigenous and shamanic understandings of this concept.

Despite that, funny how in so many cultures, the word for Spirit is "Breath".

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  1. “Is of the isness”. Beyond time and space, nameless. Witness of the witnessed. The ultimate Observer.

  2. I been astral projecting since a kid but got more grasp of it late last year more so this year so I leave my body and come back when I want but last night my ancestor told me I leave my body too much and now I’m not allowed to leave for a while😵‍💫

    • @Moon Watch I pretty much disconnected from everything and everyone past few months. So I’m deeply in solitude than usual. I’m present here but my soul isn’t so bc I’m just roaming around in the sky and other destinations. I don’t like to see what anyone gets up to either so I stay away from that. She told me I’m not allowed to leave bc I need to get use to being around bc things are aligning and I just need to be here fully present with my soul in my body lol

    • @tina son
      Why do ppl astral project, and what is the purpose? What do you accomplish doing so please? Thanks. I experienced it like 3times in my life, but should I be doing something when I’m astral projecting? I guess I don’t fully understand

    • @Mimi Robinson no real purpose, but since life is an adventure. “Astral projection” (I don’t like that word) is like going on an adventure or learning about different aspects of the Universe or learning something about ourselves

    • @Mimi Robinson you don’t have to “astral project” it’s rather we live in the here and now. And be skeptical when somebody says they can just “astral project” just willy nilly and they just do it

    • @Kendall Rivera
      Okay. Lol. Thank you. It happened to me unintentionally like 3times. Felt very weird. But anyway, thanks for your reply

  3. We cannot have true balance when we are still causing harm to other sentient beings, for those who think ignorance is bliss have never know true bliss.
    -From a fellow growing youtuber

  4. Thank you bro for your amazing efforts
    I love this Channel so much
    Love,peace and light 💚🙏

  5. This 2 souls concept reminds me of philip pullmans concept of daemons…

  6. In order to controll something you must render everything you know and give in to the “whole “ for which you are everything you gave come to know ~Alain M, channeled by Gaia

  7. The ancient teaching or beliefs of the twin soul remind me a lot of Carl Jung’s teachings of the archetypes and his theory of neurosis. Paraphrasing: neurosis is a significant, unresolved tension between the opposing attitudes of the ego and the unconscious mind. Based on the premise of a self-regulating psyche.

    Not that I am a believer or disbeliever, but this twin soul theory could explain the ‘twin flame’ phenomena. I personally still believe as an individual, you are a single whole in the “collective consciousness.” (Another term coined by C.J.).

  8. Every thing has a soul fire the earth and even ideas like math and evolution. We return back to what we were before at death

  9. Ello from the UK Birmingham and thank you for the uploads.


  10. Exactly how I feel. Becoming plant 🌱 based vegan and hydrated with ionized living WATA💦 has really elevated my shamanic abilities to tune and tap into all the fragments of my soul to bring them back into wholeness within. 💛

  11. You have to eat life to live, period.
    Even plants are alive.
    And the more life you eat the more alive and healthy you are.
    113Doctor consumes life.

  12. wauw the wind is the first soul, you elevated my understanding! Thank you

  13. Actually, we do not have a “soul.” Due to the emergence of modern psychology, what was once referred to as the soul is now called the “mind.” They are interchangeable terms and a function of the brain which ceases to exist after we die.

  14. I barely hear of African spirituality besides ancient on this channel

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