The Mystical City of Agartha

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Many cultures have written of the mythical city, Agartha: a highly advanced civilization deep below the surface of the Earth.

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  1. Is this a Gaia ad or is there an episode/series on this?

    Edit: found it, part of cosmic disclosure serious with emery the hybrid 🤗💜🤗

    • It’s basically a tease to get you to sign up for the free trial. I had the trial for a week I enjoyed the content they had for what you are looking for

  2. This reminds me of Zion in The Matrix or Wakanda in the Black Pather. Both are places hidden to the regular world.

  3. Nagas and Atlanteans are completly different species. How you managed to connect that 🤦‍♀️

    • It never says atlantians and nagas are the same species 🤦🤦🤦. After the battle, the people fled to inner earth, where they discovered the Naga race.

  4. Geez! Is that why I keep having dreams of being in caves? Could be I am remembering? IDK

  5. Guys DERINKUYU in Northern Turkey is an underground city. Ancient legends of derinkuyu says that they went underground as refugees to save them from a cataclysm battle between two ET species. This point also proves other point of the video

  6. The Nagas are supposed to be part of the Ciakahrr Empire a Reptilian Race of shape shifters. The beings of inner earth are said to be 5 density beings who are Vegans who evolved for thousands of years.

  7. This is where the Imperial Germans live. It’s only a matter of time before they return to earth and liberate it from the cancer that runs it.

  8. I love love these clips/ads. They’re really short and sweet and informative. Slowly by slowly convincing me to pay for that subscription

  9. I love love these clips/ads. They’re really short and sweet and informative. Slowly by slowly convincing me to pay for that subscription

  10. There are Nagas in the computer game World of Warcraft. Why don’t in reality?

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