The Mystery of Elongated Skulls

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Our team of experts connect the dots between the locations of pyramids around the world and the discovery of elongated skulls. Ancient carvings depict these beings as traveling from another world to become stewards of primordial civilizations. Could this be evidence proving that advanced beings from another world came to usher in a new form of consciousness and to guide the earliest of civilizations to fruition?

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  1. Well. Well. Well. Creator has spoken. First Nation’s Texas here. You have no idea

  2. I love this topic, but this just became Ancient Aliens with that “interplanetary” comment.

    • Have you seen the newly released footage of UAP’s captured from the cockpit of a fighter jet from the navy? Not so funny all of a sudden…

    • May I ask. What exactly about him saying that they could be an interplanetary species, means just a mouth piece for a different TV program?

      Tbh I’m with you if your point is that we are being drip fed. And they are not telling us everything. But I don’t understand the specific remark that you made. I am a little slow on the uptake here, obviously lol.

    • Yea man it’s unfortunate they always hint towards this interplanetary stuff. Makes them look a little unreliable. They should just stay down to earth with these topics, and only reveal such “truths” when there is actually enough evidence or is otherwise plausible. Nonetheless great video and I love Gregg Braden. He’s the best and most honest you can see it in his expression.

  3. what if the elongated skulls was not manipulated but a real thing, like people from the stars??

  4. The origin of this practice must be because early humans saw someone or something with these features that evolved naturally and this impressed our ancestors , was it yet another species of man now extinct or something much, much more?

  5. 7:13 Who told him they were “In charge”? and not just illiterate laborers?🥱

  6. Nothing’s/ Is’ by chance when sync nfo’ comes yur way In” each In’diVisuals blueprint WithIn souls…Thanks for sharing Gaia’channel Accurate True info w/gifts these Beings have (Inter’multi”dimentional)…X’rays may discover whom has these head traits and the gifts that used In each for Any 🌍’ 🕊🕊🕊 peace’ sharing knowledge gained Wisdome UnconditionalLOVE I’m sure have used just for this purpose!!! 🙏’s ALL 🌎 LOVE Bubbles I send EVERY MOMENT of days here in existence…Eternal✝✝✝DeeS’👁🌼💫🌄💗🖤🤗😇😌

  7. I know people alive today in West Africa that have elongated skull. Its a genetic trait for subgroup of humans, just like nose, eye colour is.

  8. Yeah,Egypt,Mexico,Peru are the most mystery,bizarre and enigma lost ancient high technology civilization relics,all mega megalithic and hardest stone to craft,those ancient relic such as pyramid of Gaza and pyramid of Mexico=Teotihucan all same faced up to star constellation Orion Belt,Sphinx status in Egypt face up to star constellatoin Aixle-Leo,while the lost ancient Mayan civilization Tikal-Guentmala,not only discovered mega megalithic stone crafting but those ancient Mayan pyramids also face up to star constellation Pleiades,3 nations also discovered the lost ancient tribes once lived on Earth ,all elongated skull at all.

  9. I find it strange because they never found Akhenaten or Nefertiti’s tomb yet or if there even still here🛸

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