The Most Powerful Way to Resolve Your Karma and Soul Contracts

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Ariya Lorenz talks about how to identify karma and soul contracts in your relationships so you can start releasing thoughts and feelings that create division and separation from the other person. She also teaches an even more powerful way to resolve these instead of simply letting go.

Lastly, Ariya will guide you through a simple practice to help you connect with the higher selves and open yourself up to a greater sense of connectedness with the person you're relating to.

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  1. As we stand before Saturn the great judge, the gatekeeper will decide to let us ascend to heaven or to return to the lower realms for karmic lesssos to be learned. Saturn will plan your path and destiny according to what you must learn, we do not have a say in it unless we granted the right, that is soul contracts…..all falls under your own personal plain. So how does one ascend into the heavens like we all want to after are time on this earth, by learning the karmic lessons that’s why your here in the first place, this is the ultimate school.

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