The Most Embarrassing Moment Of My Career

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“Practice makes perfect” is nothing but a myth. 🙅‍♂️

Just like how you can’t plant seeds of corn 🌽 and expect to harvest beans , you can’t repeatedly practice something the wrong way and expect it to magically turn out “perfect.”

If your practice is good, the result will be good. But if your practice is bad, the results will surely be the same, because practice makes permanent, not perfect. 💯

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John Assaraf is one of the leading brain experts and mindset coaches in the world.

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Today, he is the founder and CEO of NeuroGym, a company dedicated to using the most advanced technologies and evidence-based brain training methods to help individuals unleash their fullest potential and maximize their results.

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    • Excuse me, I am doubting you and I do actually know how many other embarrassing thoughts that he has already shared to others minus you and (and mainly minus you, sorry) and me. The truth is that he has other moments I know of minis you but that isn’t anyone’s judgment call but his on the meaning. I am called to believe in people, and it makes sense he took time to really think about his embarrassing moment from his folly noted by his mentor to heart. That was his fuel to be such a good speaker today. I 100% agree with how insightful and dear his message was here, considering how bad I am on camera and how embarrassing it was to have Mr. Assaraf view it. I too follied to him as my mentor last week, but he has been inspiring me to get back up, create, not worry about the ending judgement of others based on my videos in the end. It was truly wonderful how his spiritual message was today like the one before it as well.

      JA is my hero. I have had Frankenstein for last week after failing to achieve my goals. I just tell myself it is a different oart of brain I need to develop. That achieving is different than imagining. John’s work helps me tremendously stop doubting what a blessing life on earth can be in the worst times coinsidently, today via video. I am noting to focus on strengths and not weaknesses.

    • @Jesse Morton dude if you think I’m gonna read all that YOU are crazy. I literally stopped at the 2nd line (on my phone). Say your last 2 cents so you can feel better. Go ahead

    • Hint: It is called ambition and not ambitchin. You have ambitchin. Remember to just leave me alone woth your ambitchin. But I’d rather you type your ambitchin to me than JA.

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