The MOST DISRUPTIVE WEEK of 2021! Weekly Astrology Forecast for All 12 Signs!

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The MOST DISRUPTIVE WEEK of 2021! Weekly Astrology Forecast for All 12 Signs!

Weekly astrology forecast for June 28th through July 4th, 2021

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  1. My entire chart is Scorpio and Leo. But I know God will protect and provide. Don’t stop, keep going 👍🏻

    • @Option Z I don’t think of “enemies” when thinking of energies… I think of balancing energies…

    • My chart reads Leo sun sag rising Gemini moon & Mars
      Mercury cancer Jupiter Pluto and north node Scorpio Saturn Pisces
      Neptune Uranus Capricorn
      So im air and fiery on the outside on top but below the surface my waters run deep and sometimes choppy ( Pisces Saturn 🪐)

    • I’m leo sun, scorpio moon and rising. I pray I dont stop just because of fear!

  2. this week 0:25 2:50💜🕊 Aries 11:11 💜🕊 taurus 12:58 💜🕊 gemimi 15:10 💜🕊 cancer 16:48 💜🕊leo 18:38 💜🕊 virgo 20:49 💜🕊 libra 22:35 💜🕊 scorpio 25:03 💜🕊
    sagittarius 27:16 💜🕊 caprisun 29:29 💜🕊 aquarius 31:51 💜🕊 pisces 34:10 💜🕊 next week 36:34 💜🕊💜🕊 I wish you all have a wondeful week 💜🕊💜🕊

  3. The new intros are masterful. I usually detest people’s pretentious intros, but yours are tastefully done. A pleasure to listen to, even. Well done! lol Thanks Heather! I did some witchy Petitions last week, and after hearing the Capricorn reading, I am feeling rather excited. hehe 😀

  4. I am a Leo rising. I will start a new job at the 1st of July and move to another city just the day before. Mars will be on my ascendant, Saturn on my DC, and Uranus in my 10th house at the time of the T-square, so all of this seems pretty significant. What I need to break free from is a relationship that is long over, but mentally-emotionally I wasn’t able to tear myself apart from this person, it is still very difficult for me to do so, as I still love him.

    • Your placements the same as mine and I too am going through massive changes. Leaving my 21 year marriage and moving out. My natal nodal axis, Jupiter and moon are also involved in this t square…😩 Good luck to you 💫⭐️

    • @Louise Elder Thank you very much, I wish you luck, as well, and I’m sorry to hear about your marriage. It seems this period is not lucky in love for Leo rising people. 🙁 Maybe better times are ahead.

  5. Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp rising. I feel both!!
    Cancer ☀️ Aquarius 🌙

  6. Taurus Sun Leo rising and Leo moon. Already in the middle of massive change.

    • A really good teacher too! I am taking her Cosmic Academy of Astrology cource/school, and learn a lot from her and her assistants 🙂 Highly recommended!

    • @Twin Dolphin Playing in Aquarian Moonlight Awe thank you so much! I’m SO HAPPY to hear that you’re getting so much out of our program! 🙂

  7. lol. lord. can’t wait to see how this unfolds for those around me who are not into astrology. i’ve been so lowkey this entire month.

    • Me, too. Leo Virgo cusp rising. Would be thinking something was wrong with me if I didn’t follow these and similar forecasts. Nope, we’re not nuts. We’re just feeling the energy going on out there.

    • @Jenny Des It really is. It’s amazing to me how well it lines up. Pretty consistently. It definitely helps me feel less alone. And more sane. Lol. 💖

  8. The crap has started flying this past week. Yeah, re-doing the past few months that started with a sudden death and the loss keeps going. This year has been worse than last year.

  9. Already feeling it!! I felt an explosion of anger 1st thing this morning!! 💣 🔥 Mars approaching my Leo sun!! Oh boy

  10. “I could, but you could learn the glyphs”… this sent me 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. I thought I was prepared I thought I could maintain through this, rug pulled out from under me is an understatement. Explosive yes and all I can say is God brought me to it and He will bring me through it. I have a sense of peace through all of this at the same time I am a crazy emotional hurricane!

  12. Aquarius here, just found out I’m pregnant yesterday and we’re now rushing to get out house finished..

  13. I’ll say…. The scorching heat in our usually mild Oregon, tornadoes in Europe, collapsing building in FL…. This is a numerological year of 5- drama, drama, big booms!
    We are on a fast going rollercoaster.

  14. I surrender.
    This year has been challenging.
    In the ER twice in one month and all foundations are imploding… yay change! 😂
    Aquarius ☀️ Gemini ⬆️
    and my house if full of Taurus and Taurus ⬆️ and Scorpio ⬆️ … I intuite I am about to become a drinker and live in my van soon…. hide before things get REALLY nuts …😀👍

  15. Yikes! Just when I thought I could have bit of a breather – just one day! One day to think of ‘nothing’. Thanks xx

  16. Oh Lord… Scorpio rising, Taurus Sun, Capricorn Moon. Better hold on to my hat 🎩.

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