The Most Convincing UFO Contact In History

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62 witnesses to a single event, with identical stories of contact verified by a Harvard psychiatrist. This case from 1994 deserves far more attention.

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  1. This tv feeds my soul! I think my membership expire in August! Must renew

  2. Agreed. I’ve seen these children interviewed after the incident, and again recently as adults they all still have the same story, and have met up to speak about it together as a group.
    To me, I’ve always known we were never alone. I’ve also always known that we are quite savage-like in the scheme of things. These beings have been here long before us, and will remain long after us. We are, after all, killing ourselves and our planet. We as humans are ignorant and tragically misled.

    • I don’t think it’s really us humans that are savage, something else is going on.

    • Best comment I agree. I laugh at people who actually think that we are the only ones in this huge universe 😑 maybe the only one that’s least developed 😂😂😂 and destroying our own planet and species

    • @Island Princess Sheen we have to stand up against the minority that is destroying our mother. We are too filled of fear. Fear of not fitting in, fear of not being good enough, fear of pain or inconvenience, fear of persecution, and fear of death. We are the gods.

  3. Thank you again, Gaia. This is one of your best updates. 🛸👽☮️

  4. Gaia has some of the best content it’s been keeping me sane while making me insane if that makes sense lol

    • In an insane world, your sanity is considered as insanity to them. Go against the grain, and keep at it. Break the status quo and use logic and reason to back yourself up. Be the most logical person you can be.

  5. Please , please ,,, always speak ,, so that people like me that are going blind can learn from the video !!!!

  6. Maybe i should by the book so when i feel like reading ill give it a go but till then did you know videos let you upload audio ?

  7. everything starts in us, and we are the solution for everything.

  8. Great info Gaia. However, I’m here for videos not to read txts. Thanks

    • These short videos are basically commercials or teasers for their website, which is subscription only.

  9. A warning in ‘94, were way past heeding that warning..

  10. How is it man seeks humanity among thy stars, yet seeks not peace and harmony among his kind? Humanity dwells among thy stars. Whence shalt man seek peace and tranquility upon Terra Forma? Meditate within the. Seek and know source. Awaken source energies from thy slumber, thou hath forgotten thyself. Enlightenment is now.

  11. If you want to find the secrets of the Universe think in terms of
    3 Energy ⚡
    6 Frequency ✡️
    9 Vibrations ♥

    Physical body dies, our consciousness transitions… 💕

  12. Can I convinced everybody that they have 2 hands or they knew they have 2 hands?
    Until the day they ACTUALLY introduced themselves I’ll leave them alone and focus to myself instead..

  13. Namaste🧘🏾‍♂️

    After losing my job in the pandemic😷

    I created my channel believing for MYSELF, YOU and the rest of the WORLD🌎 🌍

  14. I think its worth mentioning the Westall Incident in Victoria, Australia which is eerily similar to this video

  15. Been waiting for a good video. I need something soon Gaia!!

  16. The Billy Meier case is the most convincing case and is still on going to this day

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