The Missing Gods Who Rebuilt Civilization After the Flood

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A strange anomaly occurred 11,000 years ago. Groups of gods and sages appeared around the world precisely where humans suddenly discovered civilization. Indigenous people describe these gifted people as human-like but not quite human.

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  1. This seems to be all over the place debunking human capabilities and knowledge through-out the ages; Gaia just admit you’re Anti-human. Lol

    • It’s not about being anti human. There was a more advanced ancient being that once lived on this planet. There is far more evidence than what we are taught !!

    • @L oh please spare me your insults. This is all BS bro. You can buy into this doesn’t mean I have too.

    • @Kevin Gibson yes, humanity was once intelligent from my understand but to give power to unknown entities is down right very misleading. Gaia pushing this like its an actual fact and it’s not.

    • This “Theory” has been around for more then the flat earth theory. Over and over again it’s been debunk.

  2. The Electric Universe Hypothesis does a good job addressing some of these mysteries.

  3. Meh these are small gods, YWHW is the God of Gods and he made us to rule over them

    • Your bible says earth is 2000 years ago or sum yet there are many artefacts that are more than 200000 years old

    • @Miraschon not everyone agrees with that timeline of 2000 years, some of us also believe the possibility of a pre adamic time,

  4. Gaia you are better ( because better things could improve but best couldn’t learn further)

  5. Guys if you we will see her Nagas god in Hinduism and Kulkan or flying serpent god both have snake traits which is another great connections.

  6. I like Gaia content, but this is too simplified. There are many alien gods that rebuilt civilisations. Not just 1 species. And Nagas are real species, nothing about symbolic electricity 🤦‍♀️. Besides, this contradicts your last video announcement about search for Naga undergoround cities.

  7. The truth is the more we think we know,proves we dont know nothing,so many angles

  8. Love to know why someone would put a thumbs down to this kind of research, has to be modern academic or someone like that.

    Amazing, I am already researching all these ancient lost civilisations.

  9. Can you provide actual definitive proofs rather than spurious speculations and potentially dangerous pseudohistory?

  10. Just a lot of speculation and sensationalism to sell subscriptions, nothing new, no proof, might as well believe in anything. If this held any grain of truth it would not be ‘sold’.

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