The Meaning Of Life… (Metaphysical Standpoint)

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what is the meaning of life? The meaning is simply experience.

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See The Future? – The Biorhythm

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  1. I lost my job during the pandemic.
    I created this channel in faith believing for better for myself and the world 🌍

  2. ❤️💯🧿🙏🔱💟🕋☮️☪️✡️🕉🛐☦️✝️🥰THE RICHEST MAN is not who has the most , but he who needs the least.🙏💯
    Love you love your work thank you for being here with us in this time in this era blessings pouring upon everyone love abundance prosperity respect and health to all of us who sees this and who doesn’t just universal healing cosmic love I AM THE SHIVA OF THIS ERA 🧿🔱

    How I sleep at night knowing none of this exists.Nobody belongs to me & peoples actions are merely projections of their own issues ❤️💯🙏🧿🔱☦️✡️💟🕉✝️☪️🛐☮️🇺🇸🕋


  4. I missed the live but that’s okay I got to listen to you and I really appreciate all you said I really needed this morning I was starting to feel sorry for myself which is ridiculous I am a nice person I give all the time by doing things for others but sometimes it just seems like I’m not loved. All better now thank you going to walk through my dream home with 20/20 vision. Lots of love back to you all. Most important of all is to love show it and be loved.

  5. Neville Goddard @ Napoleon Hill are good authors to address what he is talking about. Also from the scientific standpoint: Psychocybernetics and of course… The SECRET.

  6. Yes yes yes, but the illusion of a random is quite pleasurable to play out start to finish

  7. This was gold. “Stop giving your energy away”. Listen to your own inner guidance ✨✨✨

  8. I am a massive success… I am bountiful… I am a master at speech… I am immeasurable… I am a walking blessing😆😂🤣 My man👏🏾 Glad to see you💯

  9. Thank you Justin for taking the time to share these words of encouragement! 🙏

  10. “The universe gives you more of what you give yourself”. I like the way you said that

  11. Don’t only learn from your mistakes, learn from others as well. Never stay stagnant, keep learning and growing. Our souls are our connection to God to the Universe. We create our destiny by the choices we make. Your connection to your soul is through your heart. It’s your empowerment by using discernment and critical thinking. Compassion, understanding and empathy. Choices made by the mind only is out of ego. Always include your heart. When money is more important than matters of the heart, you’ve made the wrong choice.

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