The Man Worth While – E. W. Wilcox (Powerful Life Poetry)

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Read by Melba Sibrel

Ella Wheeler Wilcox was a prolific American poet and journalist.

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    • @Marco DuVall some people can never have the courage to. He has made a move toward by saying he wishes to be it. You are not the man worth while either, truth is nobody is. But we can strive to be, but may never be

  1. this actually made me tear up.
    Great words
    Great narration
    great poem.

  2. “…The life that is worth the honor on earth,is the one that resists desire.”

    I wanna be a man worth while 🥺

    • Push toward it, follow your heart and do what is right, you will find this some day

    • Keep your word and do the best that you can with what you have. You’ll get there one day. All the best to you!

  3. Class!
    “The Truth”
    Put in simple words,
    But only few
    Can understand,
    I pray all will see & hear
    These words & someday
    I become this man!
    “One Love to the World”
    “From Bonnie Scotland”

  4. Failure is not a curse, it is a blessing. It is failure that refines you, not success.

    Good work yet again. Hope all is well.

  5. I ask God to… make you happy, make you smile, guide you safely through every mile; grant you wealth, give you health, and most of all, give you care and love you well. HAVE A BLESSED DAY. AMEN

  6. “And the smile that is worth,
    The praises of earth,
    Is the smile that shines through tears.” 🖤😭So incredibly beautiful.🙏

  7. What a beautiful poem! It expresses so well what you can see in the smile of others, a smile which reflects everything, both love and sorrow.

  8. Some people change when they see the light, other people change when they feel the heat. Courage is knowing that you may not win AND trying when you know you can lose 🖖

  9. The poem is a gem and the reader’s voice is simply gorgeous too.Thank you😍🙋‍♀️❤

  10. *” every family has a person who breaks the chain of poverty. I hope you will be that person!! “*

  11. Let’s take a moment to appreciate narrator’s speaking skills, your voice is amazing 😊

  12. To the narrator, I can tell you’re a strong person yourself. Thankyou for this

  13. A smile through the tears could be uplifting … or just a disguise for a bitter heart❣️

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