The Major Arcana ~ Spirit Science 36

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Never before has the story of the Major Arcana been told like this before, and life will never be the same! Discover the secrets of Tarot and the path of Ascension: Click here to learn more:

For so long, it has been a dream of ours to bring the story of the Major Arcana (The path of the Fool/Child) into a Spirit Science animation, and today we're so excited to share this with you! Thank you for watching, and please enjoy!

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This video was created by Team Spirit
Animated & Editing by Ariel Carpenter
Written, Narrated, and Edited by Jordan River
Additional writing by Chris and Matt
Slide-checking by Amy Moonson
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  1. I like this channel! It’s like “Sesame Street” for Spiritualists! Or Mister Patches Neighborhood! Whatever! It’s Cool!!!

  2. Commenting for the algorithm. Had a notification in YouTube but no push notification to my phone. Love and light ๐Ÿ’•

  3. Love the look of these cards so colorful an the stories of each. I’ve learned alot from this channel. Great work. Merry ๐ŸŽ„โ›„

  4. Tav sounds like Toph from Avatar The Last Airbender she is an Earthbender just like the card Earth

  5. Thank you for this beautiful story that helps me on my own discovery of where I have been where I am in where I may be going. You are light for all to see my friends, keep up the good work!

  6. So weird. I bought a Tarot deck about a month ago and it is beautiful, and I worked with it a few times just trying to work on my intuition and reading the symbolism. I would find myself confused and put it away and forgot about it. Today I realized I have started to shift my focus off of my spiritual journey and got the deck out to practice. The first draw I had done I knew my answer was a โ€œYesโ€ but my next card REALLY just threw me off. I was near tears but dusted myself off and went about my day. Came on YT to finish a video I started and this is the first video that popped up!

    This has me so excited and I feel like with this deck I will feel much more certainty. As I was watching I could hear โ€œThis is it!โ€
    Canโ€™t wait to purchase mine. ๐Ÿ˜„

  7. ๐Ÿ‘… not even sure what to say exactly so I’ll just ๐Ÿ‘ beautiful…

  8. I still like the Empress before Emperor because a child latches to their mother nursing etc b4 released to Emperor. Consider me a traditionalist.

    • There should be extremely valid reasons for changing the order and here it is just whimsy.

    • There’s a very revered story in Tibet about someone called Milarepa. He killed many people with magic and felt horrible remorse. His karma was so bad that he had to find a very harsh teacher. This teacher had a wife who was as nice as can be. Milarepa went through hell and terrible pain to reach his enlightenment from his teacher. In the end of it all, he never praised or focused on his teacher’s wife- who was very very kind and helpful to him. Instead he thanked with all his heart his terrible yet skilled teacher, whom was trained in a Tibetan monastery. This terrible person of a teacher helped him grow like no one else could, and the wife only made things worse by being so caring to him.

  9. This is probably one of the best videos you’ve done so far.

  10. This was such a beautiful interpretation of the major arcana. I purchased your cards and the book a couple months ago, but haven’t delved as deep as I have wanted to. Thank you for the lovely reminder. Happy holidays everyone!

    Sending love and light to you all! โคโœจ๐ŸŒท

  11. This is a great video! I looked and searched for more than 2 years, looking for just the right deck. I am so very happy that Patch Tarot is the deck that I chose. When I received it and looked at it, and felt it in my hands, I knew this is magickal for me. After watching the video, the Absolute Spirituality that I feel in the cards, I know is completely real and charged with the Energy of Divine Consciousness. I am absolutely exhilarated, knowing that I have indeed, found the Perfect deck! Thank you!

  12. Ha, I just bought a cards for myself and started to read Crowlyโ€™s book yesterday ) we are connected, guys ๐Ÿง๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ

    • The Crowley Tarot is a good one! The Aeon as a child. And the image for The Universe or the World!…

  13. The Magus is the top of the pyramid, and the Fool is above him, the Fool is the missing capstone, the Grail path walker who is beyond the usual structure. Kind of like how the Joker in a 52 deck can be any of the other cards.

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