The Lower Chakras ~ Spirit Science 2 (Deluxe Remake!)

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If you're looking to master your body of consciousness, discover the secrets of Esoteric Emotional Mastery –

Our remake of the Chakra series returns with Part 2 ~ The Lower Chakras – in which we explore the journey into higher consciousness, by mastering our root frequencies…

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  1. This couldn’t have came at a better time! I really need to work on my lower chakras 🙏🏼

    • Look into nauli kryia, and Tao reverse breathing. Also you can use your breath to put pressure on deep core muscles to become stronger and more grounded, look at intra abdominal pressure and cranio sacral therapy and feel how nauli kryia and reverse breathing impact your intra abdominal pressure and how ur can activate your hips and things like this. Also watch a basic video in the transverse abdominis. This is just what I tell ppl these days, it’s my top infomation for becoming grounded. Also try horse stance. No pressure XD

  2. Just yesterday I was rewatching the original chakra videos , Amazing timing ❤️

  3. I’m only just meeting these kids. I looooooove them. Helps me avoid the desire for reincarnation and leaving Earth.

  4. If your reading this I want you to know that there is a powerful energy inside of you, we are either running from it or allowing it to flow through us. You are worthy of being you, and although we live in a world where most people only care if they are getting something out of you. There are forces behind the scenes that are supporting you and that love you. Keep growing my friend, keep seeking the truth, shine as bright as you can and always remember why you started 💫💚👽👁

  5. “Our own physical body possesses a wisdom which we who inhabit the body lack. We give it orders which make no sense.”
    -Henry Miller

  6. About to go into a sensor deprivation tank, I think this is such a great video to be the last thing I’m thinking of before I go in

  7. Thank you so much. I’ve really been thinking about balancing my chakras and this really helped!

  8. Thats freaking hilarious what you said thinking you are thoth the atlantian! I thought exacly that just the other day 😂

  9. Patchman killed me with the psychedelic joke, but for real do not; I love this, and I feel much of what is said, I found meditation and feeling chakra energy came easy, good to see why

  10. As an aquarius who has trouble communicating with those around me in a way they can understand. Watching this was extremely helpful, felt less horrible about it.

  11. I cant wait for the parenting videos
    I am mother of 3 beautiful vessels, each with their own unique soul, and i am verry interested to see the content you put out next
    💖🤗i love you universes🤗💖

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