The Life and Teachings of Ram Dass

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Becoming Nobody is the quintessential portal to Ram Dass' life and teachings. His ability to entertain and his sense of humor are abundantly evident in a conversation that brings us around to address the vast question of ultimate freedom.

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  1. The suit can only be worn off when we realize it’s not our real skin and this realization isn’t a prodcut of thought but present moment awareness. Be careful of changing the suit’s color believing it’s different.

  2. If you can’t be here now, be there then. If you cannot be there then you will still charged for the full amount of the experience.

  3. Ram Dass is one of my heroes.
    I know you are still among us, Baba. Thank you for all of your teachings.

  4. Why not tell us this is a trailer for another video….it’s basically a commercial for a film

  5. I’m 40/41 in February. Tried mushrooms 2 years ago. Totally different than anything I heard. Actually got more from my 10/15 minute meditations before work, at lunch, or before I’d go to bed. Never had a guru, but I know what God is, looks like, and a very easy way for anyone with even a little patients, and can follow instructions easy enough my 3 teenage daughters understand and unknowingly apply in themselves. Breathe, think, and live from the brain cells in your heart. Also it is really the only chakra necessary, and it’s color is purple. The stomach is red, and the crown is green. It’s about vibrational wavelengths. But to 100% honest after you start breathing from the heart, you’ll find the single atom that causes your existing in this physical world we know. But every atom is technically here only half the time. So if you are 50 your 25. If you’re 40 your 20. If you’re 25 your 12 and a half. Congrats you are younger than you thought. Much love, light, and knowledge from my heart to all.

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