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👉 👈 Click the link to sign up for our 30-Day Law of Attraction Coaching Course. Bob Proctor explains the law of vibration and how it is directly tied to the law of attraction. Whatever vibration you are in is what you are attracting into your life. Do you want different results in life? Then you have to change your vibration. How do you do that? Let Bob give you a brief overview in this video. I loved this so much that I had to share it.
Attraction and vibration are real and laws in life. You can learn and use these laws to your advantage or deny they exist and float through life with little to no control. What do you really want? Do you know? Have you let all the big dreams you had as a kid slip away? Why? What if there is a way to still achieve those dreams in life? Sounds to good to be true right? If it sounds to good, then it probably is. Is this saying always true? I have found that it is most of the time, but not all. This IS real. After being introduced to Bob’s works you can no longer go through life and say you never had a chance at something better. I can say this because I took the chance even though I had failed so many times at so many different courses and businesses. There is no “probably” with Bob. He is the best I have ever seen or been around. He is real and cares about you and I. Watch this video a few times and really take in what he is sharing.

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    • The Abraham Hicks mentality some thing’s I agree with other thing’s I think are downright odd. Florence Scovell Schinn, Rev. Norman Vincent Peele & Neville Goddard did this way before any of these people did it.

  1. Bob is so cool.
    He’s like a fking Jedi.

    I’m being serious too.

  2. I am happy and grateful that I have money coming to me in increasing quantities from multiple sources in a continuous basis

    • @Mommy and basty vlog basty the comme t we are replying to is basically my mantra. “I am so happy and great that health wealth and happiness comes to me and my family in increasing quantities from multiple sources in a continuous basis”.

      I also say “I am getting better, every day, in every way, at every thing”. I say both but that last one in particular worked wonders for me. If I could tell you were my life was and where it is now after following the law of attraction principles you would be amazed. I changed my diet, my exercise habits, my relationships and all just happened kind of out of nowhere. I just said the mantras and little by little things worked themselves out. However it’s not all plain sailing. The have the great relationships I have now I had to go through a few hard conversations/arguments with people that at the time didn’t feel like they would be progressive to the life I was trying to have. But looking back these things had to happen and it was a blessing.

      You need to just say the words and get on with life. So many times I’ve heard gurus say how “say the words and the universe will wokr out how you get there” and that may seem like rubbish but it’s really true.

      The example I give of using the law of attraction is its like going to the gym for the mind. The more you do the more it will work but don’t get mistake as it is work! Whtehr it’s visualisation, writing down your goals every day (I do this and it’s basically visualisation as you envisage what you are writing down). You need to remove negative TV, music, relationships, talk from your life and mind. But at the end you will have the life you want!

    • @Mommy and basty vlog basty just something quick which you might find interesting, that I certainly do.

      I was doing this mantra before bed which was almost a prayer. In it I talked about exercises and I said “I can now do over 20 pull ups in one go”, however I couldn’t do any at that time and didn’t see anyway I would be able to, but I said it anyway.

      Now over time I have just so happened to do certain exercises which had strengthen my arm muscles and the last few times I was with a bar I could use for pull ups I was able to do 3 which was massive for me.

      Yesterday I ordered Alan exercise machine that had a pull up bar on it. I didn’t order it for that reason but now I have a pull up bar in my home.

      Its in exactly that type of way that the law of attraction works. I cannot do 20 pulls now but I 100% will be able to soon! Also I didn’t fret about how I would achieve it, if I had never been able to do 20 or even 3 pull ups it wouldn’t of bothered me but I would have liked to be able to. The thing is I asked for it and then let the universe go about sorting it out for me. Usually people ask for things they are desperate for and because of this they are anxious when it will happen, this kind of every (worry, anxiousness, anger, upset etc) will get in the way of your manifestations.

      Anyway I found that quite interesting how I now have the ability to work on pull ups every day when before it was maybe once a month if I walked the dog in a particular place which is quite far away.

      Anyway I hope this helps..

    • Dito Camo I am so happy and grateful that money comes to me in increasing quantities from multiple sources on a continuous basis !

    • They will never teach you cause it has been designed this way to keep us asleep

    • Yes! Glad we all found it here. Keep up the progess! 💪🏼

    • @Wouter Manders Your progress is about to be cut short by all the environmental damage you’ve done to glorify your ego.

  3. “Everything you want will come to you when you get in harmony with it “( The LAW). 5:12 LOVE IT <3

    • @Advaita Maunitva …I was about to quit reading ur comment until, I reached the part that says , “I doubt if any one is still following…” I smiled and continue to finish reading.
      Thanks for sharing, dullie noted.

    • Harmony, such a powerful word. The ego wants to devour the emotion and vice versa. But it is the harmony between the both that makes magic happen.

  4. “The next time you are around a person that complains about anything (obviously you don’t feel very well), start changing the subject. Start talking to them about them, about something good about them. Compliment them but make it a sincere merited one not false praise, no flattery. Pick out something good that they do & slowly turnaround the subject to that that let them know how well you admire how well they do it and you know something? “Like that”, their energy will change. You have caused them to change their vibration.

    Now the beautiful truth about this, when you do it, you will learn it to do it to yourself when you are not feeling very good.”

    Sharing the transcript of the powerful excerpt.

    Thank you so much Bob, your work has truly enlighten and awaken me.

    • I am usually a very positive person but am sensitive to rejection. I am working on overcoming rejection because I am in an industry where rejection is constant. This week I learned a friend has betrayed and lied to me. I was thrown back to my childhood where the people around me were such consummate liars that caused me to take the blame and beatings for their actions. This week I have been abused beyond normal boundaries, I feel like my email isn’t my own anymore since I have this one man sending me abusive emails. I reported him to the authorities but I don’t think they will help, so I need to deal with it myself. Negative people will enter my life and try to abuse me, I have to learn to protect myself and rise above it, that’s why I’m here on this video. I noticed my statement has a lot of ‘I’s in it, but I’m only reiterating in order to help others know they aren’t alone.

    • @sa Be ma friend? As for emails, throw that guys emails into the spam box, report them as spam and you won’t be seeing his whatever.

    • I know some super energy vampires who will tell you they only worry about think it will work for them?!!

  5. its easy to be positive when everything is ok, the tricky part is to be positive when the life is falling apart .

    • You have to put things in prospective. Things aren’t really falling apart. You think they are, which is why it feels like things are falling apart. Life has gone on hasn’t it?

    • Everything falling apart except You you remain Constant that is Stay Positive and spread the same frequency

    • @names are overrated You’re very special that mindset is keeps you happy no matter what. You have something that even the wealthiest pessimist would be willing to pay for, gratitude. We need more people like you or at least more comments like this. 🙂 Cheers!

    • Ur speaking the facts it’s hard to stay focused when things fall apart but we must try our best to fight that bad images in our mind

  6. 6 months ago i got to understand all this and now i own an internet business and drive a car that even my dad has never driven. Stay focussed, be positive and BELIEVE. Act like it has already happened and it will come. Quicker than you probably think

  7. If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. — Nikola Tesla

    • Tesla died a pauper and was ripped off. His ideas about electricity were dangerous– not safe at all. They shouldn’t be used.

    • @sa Because you ignored red flags initially. Don’t believe everything Bob here says either. He isn’t saying very much. And he isn’t completely honest about how he acquired wealth.

    • @Sudeep Reddy Tesla died broke and ripped off. His ideas about electricity were both dangerous and impractical.

  8. For 19 years of my life I was miserable, depressed and never expected anything good to happen to me. At age 4 I was diagnosed with sensory integration and couldn’t function well. Throughout middle school and into high school I was battling with severe anxiety and depression. My depression and anxiety were so bad last summer I didn’t truly want to be here because my heart was constantly racing all day long. I started watching the movie the secret back in Summer of 2017 and my perspective on life changed. I began writing down affirmations daily, creating a vision board and visualized what I wanted out of life. I started to see myself experiencing bliss and happiness on a daily basis. A year later I manifested a successful spiritual and inspirational YouTube channel with over 2000 subscribers in 10 months, A spiritually awoken clothing line filled with positive affirmations that I made myself. I was struggling all last summer with money and now unexpected sources of wealth are coming into my life on a daily basis. I am so grateful I got a chance to watch the book the secret and watch the whole. Every night I fall asleep listening to the movie the Secret. I truly believe we can manifest anything we could ever imagine into existence and like Bob Proctor says if you see in the mind you can hold it in your hand. I would be honored to tell this incredible story. I am all about raising awareness on mental health and helping teens and young adults manifest their greatest dreams. Anything is possible once you see it in your mind and hold it in your heart.

  9. Does anybody else love the way he says “There is a God” at 1:00??????????? Or is that just me

  10. Virbation hack:
    Treat every person you meet as the most important person in the world. Tune into their frequency, response with a higher frequency.
    Everyone can be a loving healer, because you are the powerful creator of love.

    • Heaven Yes(one day to have my own planet still hoping those that say I am lying are just jealous my numerology deserves such things)😎💲💎😎

    • You can begin manifesting your dreams instantly. People don’t learn how to use their thoughts the right way. It is not that tough to implement law of attraction with whole potential. I found my prosperity fountain here =>
      (Live Training Inside) PS: Be ahead of everyone?

    • Try talking to the on that made the universe. You’ll get better results. He loves you.

  11. This man knows what he’s talking about. They don’t teach us this in school because they want us to remain asleep.

    • @FreedMan76 Really? You’re on hear spewing trash about being humble with god, listening quietly all that “church BS” and your calling people idiots? Man give your head a shake. Whatever Bob is doing is working look at his results. I would bet whatever you’re doing is not working. Why are people so offended by successful individuals? Its not like he’s a preacher stealing money from his congregation (tithes and offerings) and living in a Hollywood mansion. Who are the foolish people in that scenario HAHA HAHAHA HAHAHAHA

    • 1 w bye Felicia What are you here for in my comments if you think this is stupid ? Looks like the saying stupid is as stupid does. Even religions are starting to recognize that we are all made of energy. It’s facts. It doesn’t mean there isn’t a God. Science is the language that God used to created the universe. It breaks it down in a language we as humans can understand. Don’t believe me? Ever been thinking of someone you haven’t seen in a long time? Few days later you might even have a dream about them. Then you run slap into them in the grocery store or they call you. I know most people have experienced this. You can’t deny that. Law of attraction. Don’t believe we are all energy? I can see energy and feel energy. Ever been sitting in a room with your back to the door and you felt someone enter the room? You turn around and someone did enter. You never heard them. You felt them. Ever been to New Orleans and walked through the French quarters? You feel the energy. It feels quite different then right outside the French quarter. Walk into the. Stadium where your fav football team is playing. You can’t deny the energy you feel there. Emotions is energy In motion. Go look up Abraham Hicks and listen to her pod cast. She explains it well. If you didn’t at least doubt your personal beliefs you would have never clicked this video to watch. I really don’t care if you believe this or not. Stay asleep. You won’t change my reality. ✌️✌️✌️😝✨✨

    • Gospleted You said a mouth full!! Exactly. Why are they here if they think this is bogus ? They are only saying ignorant comments bc people fear what they don’t know. Deep down they know what they are being taught isn’t quite adding up.

  12. Ok. Try this one each morning. When you wake up everyday. The very first thing you do when you wake up? Look at yourself in the mirror and Smile. Make sure it’s a genuine smile. A feel good smile. And Guarantee you will have a Beautiful Day ahead of you. Try it.

  13. “The person who truly understands how to pray puts himself in a wonderful vibration”

    • I love that ♥️ that makes the real difference…
      “Ask and it will be given to you;
      seek and you will find;
      knock and the door will be opened to you.“ ~ Matthew 7:7

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