The Idea Of SUPER Consciousness | Raja Choudhury

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Speaker: Raja Choudhury

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Is it possible to expand our mind to its greatest possible potential?
Could it be that by simply learning to observing our own minds, and by asking ourselves the right questions, we can expand beyond the realm of the "self", and into the realm of super consciousness? A realm where love and compassion penetrate every thing and everyone around us?

The enjoy the knowledge and wisdom of Raja Choudhary, as he provides nuggets of wisdom during a live Q&A session on the topic of consciousness and the third eye.

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00:00 Imagine the greatest potential of your mind.
00:40 Consciousness
02:09 The Limbic Region & Meditation
03:00 What Is The Witness or Observer?
04:00 Third Eye & Surrounding Systems
04:30 5 Steps To Activate Your Third Eye
06:55 How Discipline Elevates Consciousness
07:50 The Idea Of Super Consciousness
08:30 Expanding Human Potential

Raja goes into far more depth in the full Q&A.
I highly recommend watching it.
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  1. Our minds are our hard drive of life 🙏💫⚡️💖

  2. Good basic talk.

    Don’t struggle for perfection. It’s impossible to get—and *if it was* attainable, would be a nightmare.

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