The Hidden Spirituality of the Fifth Element

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  1. Been waiting for this one! I named my daughter Leeloo (I spell it Lelu) because of this movie. Love love love

  2. FR! I always felt the message behind this movie, just couldn’t ever translate/pinpoint @the time. *The few times I saw the movie.

    • What if Love is the *INTENTION* and gravity is the tool to enact that that intention.
      And light and dark is depicted as time and space respectively.

      If you love time (dominate time it means to create, reproduce, prolong, etc.)

      If you love space (dominate space it means to destroy, replace, hoard, etc.)

      Love can be a creator or a destroyer as much as gravity is.
      And gravity transcend time AND space.

  3. 444 views as I tuned in ✨🤭 my lol stalker lol one of my favorites!!!

  4. I loved that movie. Must have watched it a million times with my dad who passed away.

  5. Amazing💖…i felt her and lelu were connected and felt each other..because when she was killed lelu was crying in the air ducts

  6. Your are such an amazing being of love and light Jordan thank you for continuing to shine …. and for your tireless service to humanity you are loved and appreciated 🙏💜🐬🌊🌈🕉💜

  7. Five elements are actually the lost knowledge from Atlantis. I teach about that if you are interested be my guests 🙏🖐

  8. fairly sure a can feel the fith element story happening right now i know you can something big is coming

  9. Can we get some different content besides “hidden spirituality” you can find something spiritual in everything if you look hard enough

  10. I love these series thank you guys! Can you please make one about the movie “THE GOLDEN COMPASS” . Thank you ❤💜🧡💛💙💚

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