The Hidden Spirituality of Kingdom Hearts

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Out of all of the videogames that I grew up with, Kingdom Hearts may very well be at the very top of the list for favorite game of all time. What a magnificent depth of story and creativity, all rolled into one fantastic package! I love it, this one's been coming for a long time, please enjoy!!

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  1. I miss this game!!!
    Looking back, I’ve kind of always been on this path. πŸ™‚

  2. Spirit Science AND KINGDOM HEARTS?!?!??!?!?!? This is my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Been Replaying kh3 the last few days…. Either you got this idea from xbox gamepass or youre reading my mind lol

  4. Omg I was just trying to remember the name of this game 2 days ago to tell my son about it. I was telling him the game describes life to the point esp about light and dark and twin flames! Interesting that the info came to me! Thanks Universe you always have my back!!!

  5. I was hoping you’d surprise us.. the music, the storyline, the reference to hearts & having the key(s) rights of passage to new world(s) being able to bridge world(s) thought to be separated. I am excited to watch this.

  6. When I saw the notification I got super excited. Kingdom Hearts is one of my favorite games and has meant a lot to me for many years. I’ve always thought it would fit well into the channel and this episode proves it. Overall I really enjoyed this episode and your channel as a whole. Thank you.

  7. Wow… I don’t know what to say… Well… yes I do, but I wanted to show how deeply touched I am. I’m crying and crying.
    Kingdom Hearts is my favorite videogame series. I have no words to describe it. I wish I could share that with my family, but that isn’t possible. They do not understand how touching anime and anime like games can be… It makes me sad and I feel lonely.
    Maybe that was unfitting here… I don’t know, but I still wanted to share that.

    Could you also make a video or several videos about the rest of the series? There is so much to say about the games. There is so so much.

    And… Thank you. Thank you for making this video. It is very dear to me!

  8. Kingdom Hearts is one of my favorite games ever made next to Final Fantasy 7!

    • @Spirit Science yes loved how you all pointed out the life stream energy its definitely a subliminal message about whats going on today…Dragon Ball Z is another spiritual truth show on our spiritual pressure energy πŸ€— im soo proud of yall keep up the good work One Love!πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’“

  9. me: reads title
    also me: damn this thing must be a billion hours long
    again me: checks time
    last me: oh must be just the 1st one then πŸ™

  10. This game honestly helped my siblings get through our traumatic childhood. It still holds a special place in my heart. My kids play it now that they are old enough to and they love it as well!

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