The Hidden Chakras Nobody Told You About

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Following up on our previous conversations about chakras, today we wanted to break into the hidden chakras that are seldom discussed…


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  1. Enlightment is they key to life. Meditate and as you search for the truth the truth will search for you. #UniversalSynergy

  2. The 7 chakras are the energy that the 7 major glands put out, when all are in working order it’s cleans the blood and heal diseases

    Everything is physical and spiritual (mind)

    Physical: GLANDS
    spiritual: Energy gland give off

    Physical: Brain
    Spiritual: MIND

    • Spirituality is not mind,mind is something created by humans not by God.

    • @Krishna Rakwal brother spiritual is dealing with mind

      Spirit in Hebrew, Greek and English means mind

      If you have an evil spirit you have an evil mindset or thoughts, the Egyptian god THOTH is thought , the word was god word is logos in Greek it means THOUGHT, faith IS imagination,
      Liquor is called spirits cause it alters WHATEVER mindstate your in

      I’m studied in multiple spiritual texts bother

      The the mind(not the brain) happens mainly between the TWO TEMPLES on your head

      Anything is possible with god
      Is the saying anything is possible when you apply the mind

      You MEDITATE this is a spiritual act
      WHICH is an act dealing with the mind and thoughts.

      In the bible god says I come to you in dreams DREAms is spiritual, dreams is dealing with the mind.

    • God is the MIND ITSELF
      the will POWER

      All matter have WILL
      Grass Has the will to grow
      Water has the will to flow

      The name that All thing bow down to is LOVE

      not a physical name but love as a vibration created all things that’s why all things bow down to LOVE.

      step in the NAMEπŸ‘ˆπŸΎ of love.

  3. Infinite love to you all βœ¨β™Ύ have a lovely day if ur reading this..

  4. THANK YOU! Y’all are the best at sharing information. AΕ›e πŸ™πŸ½

  5. Hi. I do not know if you read this message or not, but I want to tell you. I really like your videos and it is characteristic that you spend a lot of time preparing them and you have experience because you uploaded a lot of videos. I have been working in this field for some time. I wanted to ask, do you have a research group? Because I saw several groups working on these issues and working together. If you have, I would be happy to help and get help.

  6. It seems you’re talking about the chakra below the feet known as the Earth Star Chakra. It’s our root to the earth, and past lives.

    In my understanding, to know your past lives is akin to immortality while living within a human body, but it’s still not just the soul per-se.

    Apparently we’re in a time and space that allow people to speak with our (individual) guides directly, and can mean we can do automatic writing or just silent meditation to ask what is going on, and the answer is instantaneous!

  7. “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” ― William Shakespeare, Hamlet

  8. If u ask me I can prefer u something very important that can tell everything from chakaras Nadis to spirituality.

  9. Thanks for confirming my beliefs. I’ve always felt this tingly feelings on my finger tips and the palm of my hands. And as I massage my mom and etc I feel like I heal her. As an adult who’s learning sprituality now, I feel it very strongly when I’m in nature or doing Sekhem energy work. Super cool

  10. So im gathering freelance mini chakras into my hands.
    ‘No wonder it felt like.. well, swirling glows liek porpcorn whitout alids

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