The Hero’s Journey of Self-Discovery

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The cycle of the hero’s journey is a tale that is told over and over again, calling us to change by pushing us out of our comfort zone. These lessons are repeated over and over again, as one learns from their mistakes and improves upon life. Jonathan Young, PhD reveals the secrets of the hero’s journey as it can be applied to improve our lives in the modern world.

Jonathan Young, PhD, is a psychologist and storyteller who assisted mythologist Joseph Campbell for several years and went on to serve as the founding curator of the Joseph Campbell Archive and Library.

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  1. I’ve been studying this for a while now, its so interesting. Looking at the Bible, these stories are all depictions of man fighting against his true nature. Noah internal fight is depicted with the harsh waters in the flood. Jesus fighting his true nature in the desert. Moses fighting with God before freeing the Israelites. Jacobs fight against his true nature before becoming Israel. There’s so many connections and its so interesting.

    • Great to know my brethren are awakening from the false delusion.
      The current period on “Mother Earth” is expressing the “labour
      pains” of a new age, hence the many “Social Upheavals” etc.
      Stay firm and strong on your quest for that – “Holy Grail / Philosopher’s
      stone” ! Peace & Blessings.

    • @Aquarian Aged7 is the Holy Grail, the symbol of transformation itself, or the knowledge of it?

    • @Soul Theory Great question ! All these are symbols, even what you touched upon within the biblical scriptures. The Mystics of Islam also, (Sufis) knew that the Quran should not be taken literally. Only the common folk find it most difficult to decipher and comprehend !!
      “Knowledge of Self” has been kept hidden and distorted
      deliberately for centuries. “He / She who knows themselves, knows Allah (God) also.” (Muhammad ibn Abdullah).

    • @Hey How— Don’t be. Trying praying and meditating… That will help enlighten you.

    • Without fear, there is nothing to courage to conquer. Just remember that your fear only exists to be conquered. Never let it conquer you. 👼🏻

  2. This whole *Hero Journey* is representative and symbolic to the process and progress of a *Spiritual Awakening & Dark Night of the Soul* experience. Now I know what to reference to when I’m trying to explain a S.A to someone. lol. Great story and video!!

  3. We must be willing to rid the plans we’re caught up in in life to reach the goal of the big picture outside of it.

  4. Wow I love this guy, thank you how does he know all this important information??😇💙💜🌲🐕🐾🥑🌻🐕‍🦺

  5. How does one share the Wisdom given to them by God to share with the world when those who can receive it, refuse to accept it? How do we go from talking about Spiritual Enlightenment to being open enough to be willing to receive such Wisdom from one who’s heart is this world and who’s mind is the Sun? This is the Dilemma of this World!

    • Beautifully said, Matthew, thank you. Can I ask on a side note, does anyone else remember it being spelled dilemNa? Thousands of people worldwide do, they even remember pronouncing the silent N to remember the spelling.

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