The Heart is Much More Than an Organ: Heart Intelligence

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The electromagnetic signals generated by the heart have the capacity to affect others around us. In other words, the idea of ‘picking up on someone’s vibes’ is not hyperbole, but rather a scientific reality.
If electromagnetic fields affect all of our biological systems and, through energetic communication, the systems of those around us, if sending out and picking up ‘vibes’ is a real thing, then imagine how this knowledge might be used, on oneself and towards others.
The HeartMath Institute asserts that the key is adopting practices which put the heart into what is called a “heart coherent state.” In other words, to positively impact the biological systems of oneself and others, the information encoded in the heart’s electromagnetic field must be positive and healthy.

Narration: Petra Ortiz –

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  1. The first 1000 people to use the link in my description will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership:
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    • @Universe inside you. Greetings from the Eagle Nebula. Message for you.
      E.A.R.T.H, the same letters as H.E.A.R.T.
      The letter ( H )is the beginning to the end to remember we are all one and connected. ( Heart – Earth- Solar system- Galaxy- Universe – Multi-Verses). Now connect, to your path of ascension.

  2. Heart is like the brain: unlock the heart unlock the truths

    I.e follow your heart
    Or when you call others heartless (meaning tainted, evil)

  3. Love this channel. I have heard about people having heart transplant and being a different person.

  4. The heart mind! Awesome. So glad to see more of this advanced science is coming out into the open.

    • 3,6 and 9 means gut, heart and brain… or body, mind and soul… or soul, spirit and source.

  5. The Schumann resonance has been effectively altered, for the better, by mass meditation.

  6. People of ancient civilizations would call this the life force that envelopes all beings, or ki/chi. Many hypotheses that humanity has forgotten more than it has learned, and we are in an age of rediscovery

    • Bro fr, I swear everywhere I’m looking theres all sorts of hints that people knew how to use ki or chi or whatever else they call it. Life force, energy, bio field. To heal people, all sorts of strange stuff. Maybe we have forgotten things

  7. I’ve felt something along the lines of this multiple times in my life… the feeling gives you a warning of things to come. I have no idea what it is and I only offend people if I place it into my own opinion of God. There’s something more to life than “organism on a rock” and I concede that I don’t know whats going on.

    • Read the book called A Course In Miracles if you want to start learning the truth of who and what you are. We are far far more then what the world teaches. We have all been lied to by people that were lied to by people that were lied to for centuries. The teachings of Jesus in the Bible are not moral teachings, they are actually rules on energy, frequency and vibration. Our thoughts have energy, with a particular frequency that generates a particular vibration. How can this be possible? Because we are not just animals on planet earth, we are actually very powerful beings of energy and light who have forgotten our true identity. It’s time to remember who and what you actually are. Get to work.

    • Play with two magnets. Notice how they attract and repel and why. Notice the FEELING of them repelling and attracting… Feel familiar???

  8. Dear Universe Inside You,
    I adore this video as it sums up what we are. We are so much more than we know.
    Love is the Key to our magical electrical Hearts, Frequency <3.
    Most things in this life are pitted against us & are deliberately suppressing our true Higher Self.
    Be Happy, compassionate & above all have Love.
    I thank you for your wondeful insights.
    All my LOVE. <3

  9. At about the 10 min mark it talks about how a man who murdered the little girl confessed and had covered up the crime. It is scant on details, HOWEVER, for a heart to be viable it needs to be taken from the body of the person under certain guidelines, and alive, is one of the details, I believe. It doesn’t sound like they are indicating that happened by the description.

    My cousin’s husband had a heart transplant and it gave him a personality transplant also, he became quite a miserable man and difficult to live with….so I do agree people change after this type of surgery.

    • It’s a relief that I am not the only one that finds the murder mystery unconvincing. The story as presented here doesn’t add up at all and lacks vital information to search for the facts yourself.

    • @Shamayne The child murder heart story is grandiose, and I do believe it could be possible, however, It is a huge claim and for brevity sake perhaps the author wasn’t careful with their words, but when I see this my doubt starts to arrive about ALL the info.

    • @L.A.Stars The claims in this video aren’t even remotely proven with anything substantial. Especially the murder mystery lacks anything that could be called logic. Like I pointed out the man must have murdered the girl on the way to the hospital otherwise it wouldn’t have been possible for the heart to be used as a transplant. AFAIK hearts like any other vital organs are only suitable for organ donation when they are taken while the body is still kept alive or at best minutes after dying. That fact alone makes the story unbelievable.
      Be careful with the information presented on this channel. So far I haven’t seen anything that wasn’t pseudo-science.

  10. The link between the heart and the brain is where addiction is physical and emotional. The heat develops blood cells that are purposely formed to sustain the way you live. If you are trying to break free from something it takes approximately 21 days to break a habit. It is also revelant that it takes a shorter time for a habit to form.

  11. Omg I had a vision of something like this when I was high on cannabis when I was overthinking I had this weird vision that the body has a magnetic field and can change others on how they feel their emotions and this can cause others , an d cause the earth to change when you are happy and not when your sad, live in happiness not sadness😔✊🏼

    • It’s true! Try an experiment and play meditation music in your car very loudly while in the middle of rush hour on the freeway. I’ve done this a few times and after it played about 10 minutes I noticed cars around me reacting! It’s not a sure thing of course but resonance is something we all react to at different levels. Love & starlight 💫

  12. Your heart is the rhythm of the planet and the cosmos. The percussion instrument of the gods.

  13. Yeah it’s called the gut feeling. “I can feel it in my gut that’s not a good idea”

  14. I can sense people’s vibes and negative energy ever since a child and It makes me stay away from most people , being a empath also make me very sensitive

  15. Given the radiant field of the human heart, imagine the havoc being caused by soooo-cial distan-sing where in we are being separated from each other psychically, emotionally, spiritually, and of course physically.

    • Yep! And think of it in terms of live concerts/sports games, etc. For the most part, people are enjoying themselves and the company of others, the positive energy of the crowd is palpable (which can affect the performers or athletes positively), and it can be quite the mood elevator. I think the frequencies of large, happy crowds probably benefit the surrounding areas for a time, too.
      But now that’s pretty much gone. Nothing but people sitting at home in front of their screens, being exposed to constant negativity.😔

    • I wrote a post the day they forced distancing explaining what you wrote. It was so easy to see the reason. No one listened… Oh well

  16. They understand earth’s magnetic field so they do these global events just to see it spike 😢

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