The Great Conjunction 2020—MAJOR Societal Changes Lasting 20 YEARS! With Kesenya Moore (Part 1)

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The Great Conjunction 2020—MAJOR Societal Changes Lasting 20 YEARS! With Kesenya Moore (Part 1)

In this video, Heather joins forces with the lovely & talented Evolutionar & Holistic Astrologer, Kesenya Moore, to discuss the upcoming Great Conjunction between Jupiter & Saturn on December 21st!

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Watch part 2 of this discussion where Heather & Kesenya discuss how to harness the energy of the great conjunction to create a personal revolution! Exclusive access via Astrology with Heather's Cosmic Community & Kesenya's Patreon channel!

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    • I feel as well as teach, that its up to the empaths to rise and learn better communicative skills in order to GET the balance w the controllers.

  1. Isn’t it interesting that the more people we have in the world the more isolated we want to be.
    I love working from home, I can be productive in household chores and do my “job” at leisure and like Kenya said – I actually get more done because nobody’s on my back about it, running me down to LOOK busy.

  2. Aquarius is who is your tribe.
    Aquarius is you were born to stand out. Aquarius moon. Since ruled by Saturn working alone is very welcome.

  3. I was born during the energies Aquarius sun mercury and south node opposing moon/NN in leo
    Uranus in scorpio and chiron in Taurus.

  4. I would definitely come to a cafe to discuss astrology. Trying to find a university to attend so I can be spoon fed information in a classroom not online.

  5. As an Aquarius Moon and Uranus conjunct aacendant and Sun I can say Kesenya is right. We love humanity but hate people. 😅

    Love Kesenya. Always extremely beautifull. ❤

    I plug you both constantly!
    Thank you so much for your unity in bringing us the information!!!

  7. Ok, we are now entering this new era, but when will we see the change and when will we fully feel this?

  8. DSC at 0° Aqua, so conjunction will be on top of it. Do you know how it may affect me? Thank you, love your videos ✨

  9. We won’t make it to the water cycle… unless we invent technology to extend human life even further! 😂

  10. According to what the economic forum wants the next 20 years will have to be full of revolution if we want common people to have their freedoms.

  11. The last 2 great conjunctions: 1980 (March involving Mars and Dec in Virgo), 2000 (May and Dec in Taurus) brought on great societal change: neo or retroconservatism and globalization or economic neoliberalism mixed with multiculturalism and political correctness from the 1980 Virgo great conjunction, and the war on terror and an interest in social democracy (Obamacare) after the 2000 Taurus great conjunction. +

  12. i’m curious about the astrology of the Black Plague – and how that may or may not be similar to whats going on now. i’m noticing some parallels

    • I believe the Black Plague was deliberate genocide perpetrated by political agendas at the time. Sound familiar?

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