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Today's world is getting more hectic than ever before. What will humanity do to change the world before it is too late?

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    • Hi Geo, our ego is a part of our soul/spirit i believe. We need to understand that yes it was manipulated and gainef to much control, i think most people that do and are waking up will think the same way and think they need to defeat the ego and for some it will be/feel like a war within. In my opinion our ego is an integral part of growth gor our soul/spirit and needs love and understanding to bring it back into balance and harmony. LOVE and LIGHT my Brother 💓💖💓

    • I really hope you did and believe it but how can you defeat something that doesn’t even exist? Again I believe that you did….

  1. I started awakening this past year. I was drawn to this video and Im really glad I watched it. I just made a conscious choice to never eat meet again by the way. This new year holds so much opportunity for us all. Its time to speak up, speak out, educate each other, help each other. It seems like alot I know, but there are alot of us and it IS worth it. Honestly since I have awakened, it doesn’t see so impossible anymore. I feel the power within myself and the connection of us all. Live in the present moment, be Present. We can do this sisters & brothers.

    • Kudos on finding your way, and thanks for watching. I’m stoked to be able to teach these things, now.

      Happy new year,


    • Oh yeah. Im starting to teach what i know too. Its such a gift to awaken & ascending.

  2. This is great!. Thank you!. : ))
    It’s all part of the Matrix to Train us, Re-learn, to level up to another Dream Program and to Experience a Game that doesn’t really exist..
    It’s only for our Entertainment Outside. Too many are Hooked up including me but i’am relearning to be still and be the nothingness to enjoy more this Realistic Play of Illusion.. : ))

    • Good job for finding your light. I recently released a free awakening intro course for everyone.

    • The #1 most powerful weapon on Earth (& the entire Universe) Is unconditional love, then the human soul on fire 😘❤🙏

  3. “Be still and know that I AM HERE”
    “My father has many mansions”
    We are continually evolving, lets not get lost on the path. We came as plasma consciousness, a state of being, pro created in a state of love, and touching created density, the being got covered with dust, then tuned to flesh then pro created within itself, now the being is hidden inside the body and baby no longer manifest outside the body.
    Meditation moved the being back to its original perfection and eventually drops the body back to dust!

    • I hope so too! I’m working on very large projects to do so. Thank you for your support,

      – V

  4. Those who are ready to listen can hear this great awakening message 💗sending light and love to all who seeks truth💗keep and hold your light for others to see their own light 💗🦋

  5. Imagine waking up everyday, in a new world, in which you don’t have to fret about not being enough or not having enough. You wouldn’t have to feel the constant ping or fear over bills or loneliness because we would be living in a society where it’s encouraged that you ask for help rather than be treated like a failure or a mooch. Imagine doing work that fills your soul while surrounded by people who are generous of heart and who are genuinely concerned about the well-being of everyone. Imagine how holidays would change from being focused on consumption to appreciation for the planet, nature and the soul of the individual. Imagine what it would feel like to always feeling welcome wherever you go rather than having to adopt a certain mindset so you can fit in with people and be accepted. Imagine waking up each day knowing that you are enough.

  6. Why do I feel like I’ve known all this information via spiritual connection… But my ego has told me to ignore it?

    • Course of miracles, Abraham Hicks ..Tolle,…EGO convinces you it’s a lie… Sound familiar😈…..?

    • Because your subconscious mind, your Higher Self & your soul knows it, it knows all 😘

  7. I am so fascinated by how society is getting more and more openminded to this information! What an exciting time to be on this planet earth!!!! 😆 Thank you so much for making this video! XX ❤️

    • You are not alone, respect from Belfast Northern Ireland, remember we once used to be that way… all we can be is seed throwers, the revolution is growing globally #WWG1WGA ✊🇬🇧

    • That’s not your job, it’s a personal soul journey, but never underestimate the importance of planting a seed

  8. Wonderful piece. I look forward to more. We should, however, be mindful of labeling others (for example “elitist”) – as labels and identification creates discrimination and takes away the focus on the root causes of suffering. Looking deeply, these “elitist” suffer from the same seeds we all have – and with the right conditions and the wrong perceptions, anyone can become an elitist. But if one learns their true nature, the root of what plagues the human race can be lessened. The key is to awaken all…including the elitist…not to create discrimination with an “us against them” mentality. They are us..and we are them…all is self.

    I also have come to an understanding that veganism is not enough. The agricultural industry as a whole needs to be changed beyond just animal welfare (.38% of U.S. grain corn went to making ethanol, 37.3% into animal feed. Another 14.6% was exported, followed by 5.6% used in making the sweeteners high-fructose corn syrup, glucose, and dextrose). Our priorities are not in the right place to feed the hungry and reduce our environmental footprint. Eating one meal a day (as done in ancient times before Kellogg’s came around) lessens the demand for the agricultural industry and the demands placed on the earth to feed 7.5 billion and counting people. We can eat fewer chemicals, while fewer organisms suffer to feed us (plants, animals, insects, etc). It’s amazing how many can be fed around the world giving up 2 meals a day plus snacks, sugar, alcohol, and cigarettes. We consume WAY more than we need (including food).

    Thank you for this. It seems like a daunting task to undo what has been done, but just like the Matrix…a difference can be made unplugging one mind at a time. Thank you for stepping out to do so.

    • Yeah since the creation of this documentary I have switched my vernacular usage of Elitist to global tyrants because that’s what I actually mean.

      Thank you for making some really good points.

  9. I hope we are all guided in the path to our enlightenment….I wish we get bless

  10. “Together we stand, divided we fall”- Pink Floyd♥️light and love

  11. John 14:6 King James Version (KJV)
    6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

  12. awake since 2001 this is so needed now more than ever hugs working on accession whoo its rough the newly awakened right now have it so rough at times i find myself at a loss to guide them this reignited me thank you i m in tears Brother

  13. I wish I knew why when I was about 4-7 years old I would wake up screaming and crying from a dream. I would continue to have a spinning cycle up in the sky which was dark with light or stars going threw it. It would spin fast like a tornado 🌪 and the higher I went I couldn’t reach for family members. I desperately was trying to reach for there hand which they were doing the same.
    Strange thing is I had the dream much more then I remember. I knowingly know I had the dream one time in my 40’s. What is this and why would this happen?

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