The Garden of Eden Discovered: Ancient Alien Slave Creation Colony?

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Religion and mythology tell us of humanityโ€™s first steps upon an abundant landscape. A careful study of our ancient texts, however, reveals a different perspective of this pristine paradise. In this inaugural episode of Ancient Civilizations, explore the Garden of Eden with scholars who go beyond accepted history and mythology to reveal a lost story of the birth of humanity. Embedded in these arcane accounts, an extraterrestrial civilization at war with itself gives rise to a human species encoded with the ability to transcend beyond the illusion of imposed limitations.

โœ“ The Garden of Edenโ€™s True Location โ€“ Researchers believe 20,000 newly excavated Sumerian tablets finally show the true location of the Garden of Eden.
โœ“ Human Chromosome 2 โ€“ Modern experts hypothesize Human Chromosome 2 contains proof of ancient genetic tampering that irreversibly changed the course of human evolution.
โœ“ Adam, the First Man โ€“ Does the ancient Sumerian word โ€œAdamโ€ hold clues to the relationship between early humans and the Sumerian gods?
โœ“ Book of Genesis โ€“ Did scholars make deliberate choices to omit certain sections of the Bibleโ€™s creation story? If so, why, and to what end?

Featuring: Graham Hancock, Anton Parks, Gregg Braden, Billy Carson, William Bramley, Andrew Collins

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  2. I always questioned the beginning of mankind. Did God create us or did aliens create us? What is the meaning of life? Ponder these questions every single day of life.

    • @Ash Trismegistus I suppose theyโ€™ll be in Peter Thiels underground bunker in New Zealand?

    • @Ash Trismegistus Amazing! Life is beautiful! I wish the muzzled slaves would wake up!

    • Advanced races… we may call them god or aliens because they have given life on this planet

    • Read the entire Bible then decide. Either you believe in God or the other. (Freewill)

  3. The REAL story of Adam and Eve in The Garden is a kundalini story written on the backside of humans. It’s about the divine masculine and divine feminine. And it’s sealed with 7 seals. (Chakras).

  4. I still can’t forgive how youtube had the audacity if taking down your videos on alien races.๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ”ซ

  5. Stuff like this is fascinating wish I had people around me to talk to about this everyone is so dumb down๐Ÿ˜”

    • Agreed. There is one person that takes interest in this but lives too far away. Still working on waking up the sleepers!

    • @the 9th wonder exactly. When in reality THEY are the asleep one’s. Imo, not wanting to learn and know more about our TRUE origin and history and the universe we EXIST in is NOT NORMAL. It’s mind boggling to me.

    • @Tony Tony although helpful and enjoyable it’s simply not the same. Typing gets annoying after a while and face to face or voice to voice conversing on these topics are simply better. It’s more enjoyable having ppl in your circle interested in these things with you.
      However, when that’s not possible a forum is the only alternative.

    • @Sheena Alexis87 yes agreed cause once you are awake there no way you can go back or view life the same again

  6. How em im post to keep my self esteem when i keep seeing this slave origin stuff
    How about this,
    Some of our ancestors were temporarily captured Gods, (WHich makes me a God) that were to powerful to contain.

  7. Sumerians come from water mean from fallen island of Atlantide where ruled by immortals God EL

  8. From lucifers point of view the garden was probably like a concentration camp due to Gods rules imposed on the serpent and his comrades.

  9. After seeing this, I feel like religions of today are invented concepts, to better correspond/serve ancient beliefs and practices of different peoples/nations. That Christianity, Islam and Judaism are quite similar and have been somewhat contrived, as the word “paradise”, for example proves. Hmmm.

  10. Baloney. Pangea cataclysm continents broke apart, you will never find the garden of Eden.

  11. The garden of eden is on the moon under one of the ancient glass domes that remain still atop the moons surface and as well go deep into the moon

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