The Future Of Reiki: Sending Reiki Healing Through AI Technology | Brett Bevell

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Brett Bevell, the world’s leading Reiki master and energy alchemist, initiates you to the advanced psychic Reiki that enables you to live a life of self-empowerment, and embody your divine essence via Soulvana app 👉

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Brett Bevell talks about the future of Reiki and the possibility of having Reiki-empowered AI technologies to advance its practices. Attuning inanimate objects — and, by extension, the internet — with Reiki is already possible. In this podcast episode, you will learn from Brett Bevell the step-by-step on how you can send a full-blown, powerful Reiki healing to another person through the internet, and what potential this holds for the future — not only of Reiki, but also spirituality.

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  1. The real revolution is the evolution of consciousness🙏

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