The First Step To Truly Love Yourself | Adam Roa #Shorts

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"For everything I'm not, there's something that I am. For everything you cannot, there's something that you can." Check our Adam Roa's full talk here 👉

You have UNLIMITED potential. That’s part of the mind-blowing message of this message by spoken word artist Adam Roa, which might just be the answer you’ve been waiting for… We live in a consumerist society that tells us that we MUST buy certain things to make us feel better about ourselves 💸 But what if today you began to treat yourself with compassion, like someone you love?

What if YOU are what you have been looking for in your pursuit of happiness? 😃

To inspire you to be your happiest self, check Adam Roa's full talk here 👉

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  1. “For everything I’m not, there’s something that I am. For everything you cannot, there’s something that you can.” Check our Adam Roa’s full talk here 👉

  2. I am already enough. Wish i could see myself how my 3yo sees me, kisses can heal, im the best mommy ever, we’re super heros! She’s so sweet and my reason 💕

  3. A generation that’s obsessed with self love and moving towards a selfish world one step at a time. WoW! When will we start a conversation about selfless love? . . .

    • I don’t really think that is what he’s talking about here. He means true, heart centered self love…Not narcissistic, self absorbed, preoccupation of oneself.

  4. *The moment you stop complaining and take FULL responsibility for your life, that’s the moment you get the full control on your life to achieve your goals.*

  5. *”All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to persue them.”*
    *-Walt Disney*

    *Love from a small Youtuber, I hope you have a great day!* 🖤

  6. *4 Things that Should Guide You:*

    *1) Your goals.*
    *2) Your passion.*
    *3) Your faith.*
    *4) Your courage.*

  7. Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will. Have a great day dear reader!❤

  8. This is lovely, thank you for sharing! You are great, i hope you find happieness, you deserve all good things <3

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