The Different Stages You Go Through Life, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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The 3 Different Stages Each Zodiac Sign Goes Through Life.

Each zodiac sign has different stages they go through, but while some people don’t quite realize it, this is very true.

Some of us get caught up in their early stages, and from there we are unable to really move forward and reach our full potential.

In this video, we’ll go over and explain the different stages that each zodiac sign, seems to go through. While some of these might sound a bit weird, they make a lot of sense to the people who belong to those signs.

We all have to walk before we can run and this breaks that down into a way. Take a look at your zodiac sign, and find out at which stage you are.

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Intro – 0:00
Aries – 0:42
Taurus – 1:19
Gemini – 1:42
Cancer – 2:22
Leo – 2:58
Virgo – 3:31
Libra – 4:19
Scorpio – 5:14
Sagittarius – 6:02
Capricorn – 6:44
Aquarius – 7:10
Pisces – 7:52

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  2. So true for me. I am a Leo and I feel that I am at the Lion stage. Trying hard to achieve the warrior stage ✌

  3. I’m Leo and have not craved the spotlight or attention in 20 years so I believe I’m growing into Warrior mode. 🥰

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