The Depth Of Human Connection | Vishen Lakhiani #Shorts

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The human connection
Science has proved the human connection is deeper than we can imagine. Human beings are not only connected to each other but also to a higher being of intelligence which gives us access to higher levels of insight.

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  1. I just saw this clip after waking up and thought I would learn a lot of things, but it ended up as soon as it began 😂😂

  2. Even without hearing this from YOU, today, Vishen, I already knew: we have what is known as the UNIVERSAL_SOUL_CONNECTION or Link; the more we, in ONE ACCORD, get CONNECTED with the Universe [Christ_In_You, Your Only Hope Of GLORY], He then in RAPID_RESPONSE, UNIQUELY, joins us together as ONE_INDIVISIBLE_BUNDLE, DIVINE ENERGY & Grace flowing from ABOVE @ Christ’s INSTANCE!
    So, whether you’re present or absent from your BROTHER or SISTER, the Holy Vibe is ever WILLING & READY to manifest Himself in MYSTERIOUS Ways, only if you believe in DIVINE_LIBERATION via UNITY..!

  3. Thanks for sharing. I am wondering when science figured this out..? Who knows about Adam and Eve?

  4. Totally makes sense. Because He, our Creator created the heaven and earth, and everything in it , including all of us.👍

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