The December 2020 SHIFT – 5 Things You Need to Know!

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December 2020 brings a wave of potent cosmic transformation!

This is the crescendo of awakening energy for 2020 with cosmic consciousness streaming in to shake up and shift everything!

The main energy event of this month is definitely the Solstice on December 21st! December 21 2020 is a powerful Cosmic Convergence for awakening, and presents a powerful choice point for individuals as well as the collective with the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn…

But this isn't the only thing going on in December and in this video you'll learn all about the awakening energy of December 2020 including what it means for you and how to make the most of it.

Learn more about How to Navigate The Great Shift here:

Or Learn How to Raise Your Vibration to help ride the December wave of light here:

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  1. Makes sense had this big scare that like used all my energy and felt so good and lifted afterwards and no fear

  2. Yay another magical video, I’m excited for all of the magic happening this month, much love my friend

  3. I see 12:22 all the time and have for over a year. I have this feeling that something big will happen in my life I’ve been seeing signs of December. Thanks for making this video!

  4. Thank you Melanie for devoting time/energy into these videos, this is so helpful and I am looking forward to the positive changes and growth we will experience✨✨💜💜

  5. LOVE = Light, Organically, Vibrating, Energy = EVOL = Energy, Vibrating, Organically, Light. To infinity…………………………………………………

  6. Thank you , I don’t understand very well english , but just look you , it’s like Angel speaking
    and my heart ( mon coeur ) is good . I love you .

  7. The warm feelings are getting stronger thank you for your guidance. I love, honor & appreciate you ❤️🙏

  8. I’ve been told aliens and their ships will become visible 12-21-20 exactly at 11:11🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Is it true??can’t wait for them.hearing abt it for long…some say it takes some more time…hope for the best

  9. I’m a high empath and to everyone especially empaths. We are making this change not just for ourselves but for all of humanity. I choose love in all aspects of my life. It was difficult at first but now it’s so much easier to tune in to love. Namaste🙏🏽

    • @Lars Stougaard Hi Lars, your welcome. I know that this is my soul mission to spread the word. I know what you mean, the work will get easier. Stay grounded, nature is great and we are extra sensitive now. Hang in there you’ll get through it. I cried a lot in the beginning because I was feeling not just my own pain and the pain of the nation too. You got this remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. Spread the love my empath friend.❤️

  10. I trust the wisdom of my older soul, higher self, and God self
    I surrender all that I have and all that I AM, for my greatest good
    I align my will with the divine will of our Father / Mother God
    for my highest good and the greatest good of all
    My Creator
    I am thankful with all my heart, soul, mind and intent for divine abundance
    manifesting thru my personal fortune and success
    I am manifesting, receiving, excepting and allowing my divine abundance
    To completely permeate all parts of my beingness on all levels, dimensions and through out all Of my aspects in all directions of eternity and infinity
    I am grateful to you, my beautiful creator for this blessed prosperity,
    I am moving beyond fear and fulfilling my divine blueprint prepared for me
    My creator on earth and beyond.
    I am open and receiving my financial wealth, success, bounty, abundance, blessing, gifts and grace, unconditional love, joy,
    I am fulfilling my service commitments
    I am excepting my divine heritage right now and I am thanking you my creator.
    For my timely answer to this prayer
    I am so very grateful for the divine bounty.
    My creator, your will is done thru me.
    And so, it is Amen. Amen, Amen
    Oh, my beloved subconscious mind
    I am loving decreeing, commanding and acknowledging
    This prayer is heard directly by my creator
    And is sent along with all the mana, vital force and mana asking
    Manifesting and demonstrating
    My intent in this prayer Amen, amen, amen
    And so, my creator, it is the rain of abundance is falling on me and I am soaking up
    1000x fold thru all my levels, dimensions, and within all aspects of this being thru
    Directions of eternality and infinity
    This prosperity manifestation is bursting forth with divine bounty, blessing, gifts grace, wisdom. Truth love, and light
    I am thankful and I am sending you my light, gratitude
    Creator thru your crown chakras
    Lifting your arms in a cups shape above your head,
    Visualise the abondance of blessed things and grace showering upon you
    All around you and penetrating all parts of your being
    On all levels and dimensions and aspect that you are
    Wait 10 to 15 seconds repeating prayer 3 times
    For full 30 days
    Say with deepest intension and feeling already true within reenforce flow pattern.

    • beautiful!! this is such an important shift. Last New years Eve when Spirit told me to start a youtube channel because there’d be a great need I didn’t understand being a very camera shy awkward person but Spirit said to so I did affirmations, sleep programming and practiced and I launched on the last summer solstice…and because I listened and trusted now I know why…to share the gifts of Spirit during this changing world as you are doing ….very validating to see so many uplifting comments here

    • @The Medium Channel thank you. you are amazing . keep up the great work. how do i improve my skills to your level?

    • @Les Shelton Thank you. I am not sure which skills you are referring too..doing videos? or mediumship? whatever the case usually skill development is a product of programming the mind and developing through the power of repetition which basically means a lot of practice

    • @The Medium Channel good morning . i like to improve my awareness to receive messages. My inner voice said buy XRP. so i did lol. crypto coin. lets see what happens. I am currently changing path to new career. lets see where that goes lol . have agreat day

  11. I keep seeing 10:10 constantly 🙏 I’m ready to accept this beautiful shift gracefully 🙏♥️🙏

  12. There is more: last time jupiter and saturn had a conjunction this close to each other was in the 1200s, last time it was during a solstice was probably tens of thousands of years ago if not more!

  13. I honestly don’t think that you have ever looked more beautiful Melanie. You are obviously doing things right.

  14. Quick correction – This is a 4000yr old alignment. Extremely powerful. Love all your positive messages. Thank You.

  15. The old energy truly feels like a dead and rotting carcass we are dragging around on our collective backs. This year has been such a massive struggle for me, as for many others. I feel like I need to figure out how to meet the shift of new energy with true openness, hope, and presence.

  16. I see 1:11 and 11:11 all the time. I am trying to tune in to what the angels are telling me.

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