The “Cure” To Procrastination and Laziness

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Procrastination is more than a time management issue or a moral failing . . . it’s a complex psychological issue. And we have new information from the fields of neuroscience and behavioral economics that further contribute to the understanding of procrastination.

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About John Assaraf

John Assaraf iis one of the leading mindset and behavior experts in the world. He's appeared numerous times on Larry King live, Anderson Cooper and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

John has built 5 multimillion dollar companies, written 2 New York Times Bestselling books and featured in 8 movies, including the blockbuster hit “The Secret” and “Quest For Success” with Richard Branson and the Dalai Lama.

Today, he is founder and CEO of NeuroGym, a company dedicated to using the most advanced technologies and evidence based brain training methods to help individuals unleash their fullest potential and maximize their results.

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  1. I find that challenging because of the detail that’s required. Definitely have fears. The safety aspect makes sense. Yes cause and effect makes sense. Motive-action makes sense for goal achievement. 90 days

  2. When I first took dance lessons I wondered if I would ever get it down pat. In fact I almost gave up! Now I know 18 different dance steps. I have people compliment me all the time and when they ask me how I got so good I tell them, “Lots of practice and you have to be willing to look stupid before you look cool.”

  3. 1. Unconsciously incompetent
    2. Consciously incompetent
    3. Conscious competent
    3. Unconscious competence

    • Thats a good one…I find that really applies to the mastering of an instrument especially the drums..Buddy Rich for example is unconsciously competent.

  4. I procrastinated watching this video, so now i’m making a comment instead of completing the video

  5. Hi John, I appreciate you so much, I appreciate this video, it makes SO much sense, and I haven’t seen your videos in forever, YouTube wasn’t recommending them but I also have been PROCRASTINATING…well….Everything? So I wasn’t looking up self improvement stuff much, because, well it wasn’t a habit! 😬

    I want and need for my health to restart my Keto diet right away, what do you think would be a micro-commitment for a healthy diet? Eat one healthy meal per day? Or one glass of water? Cause I feel like I wanna jump right in, but I do get overwhelmed easily lol

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