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    • Ralph PLEASE READ:
      I’am a huge Resident Evil fan and i study geomatria. If you scramble the word CORONA it translates to 666 and the word RACOON. In Resident Evil 2 particularly, a rookie cop named Leon and a another main character Claire. There was a city the whole game takes place in called “Raccon City” where a pharmaceutical company called Umbrella created viruses that infected the majority of the city turning them into zombies which they had to nuke at the end of the game.
      If you examine the Red Umbrella company logo from the game and compare it to the Wuhan laboratory Umbrella logo, it exactly matches. The only difference is game’s color is Red and Wuhan’s Blue.

    • From insta – but really bro diver thank uuuuu so much but so much that one ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 awake from ur own hypnosis people rise & raise 💥💥

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    • its been like that around here for the last 7 months. they aren’t scary they are just….drone like. Designed to make sure you keep your energy in the correct space or else they will interfere. its not negative. its quite neutral.

    • Reality is unfolding the dirty sheet/dirty lie….filthy behaviors of those “$aviors!

    • Sending much Love your way.. Thank you Thank you Thank you 💜💪💫

    • I’m a new subscriber. Bless you for all the help and inspiration you’ve given me sir, truly 🙏🏽❤️

    • Yes.lets.keep cultivating that Love ’cause “it does feel good to be alive”.
      Thank you Ralph Smart for keeping it Real to reel.

    • The SYNTHETIC mRNA is what is referred to as a ‘spike’ protein. It is sheathed in a liposomic blanket to allow it to escape early detection by our immune system, and enter our cells. Once inside, it exits the liposome, punches out a section of our genetic code, then replaces it with this SYNTHETIC (non biological) sequence.
      This particular synthetic code is targeting chromosome 8 on the DNA strand. This chromosomes coding is responsible for:
      * Empathy
      * Intelligence
      * Psychic abilities / soul connection
      * Fertility
      This is not by any means an accident. It is highly deliberate and calculated.
      Then there is also the addition of DARPAs “hydrogel” which is laden with micronized nanobots, infiltrating the human biome with A.I. nanotech. Creating the “Transhuman”, or borg race.
      Our DNA will play a huge role in our incoming evolution and ascension.
      “They” ABSOLUTELY know this, and are in desperation mode to shut it down. This is a dual fold process of shutting off the DNA activations and enhancements incoming, and also reducing the population to a fraction of its current numbers, because they are also aware that as a COLLECTIVE consciousness, we are infinitely powerful, and the more of us completely actualized, the greater the threat we are to creating a world beyond their control.
      So the latter depopulation agenda is to lessen the numbers of ascending humans.
      This will occur in many, not initially, (though there has already been many deaths) but over a period of months and years, as the synthetic proteins replicate and enter more and more cells, causing the immune system to sense a foreign, non biological invader, and turn upon the cells, to try and eradicate and rid this invasion. This will create a wide spread auto immune disease, similar to AIDS, but on a global scale.

    • @Victoria Arcturus OMG you hit it on the nail. Some people are in serious trouble. SAY NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! YOU NEED TO POST THIS ALL OVER SOCIAL MEDIA!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You’ve got that right buddy, you could not be more right than you are.

  3. The county health dept. has sent me 3 letters to go get the venom jab and multiple text messages. Colorado giving away 5 million dollars to 5 people for getting the venom jab. Paying you for your soul….not me…not ever!!!!

    • Wow I had no idea, sounds like Washington state governor he’s giving away free drugs and lottery tickets to people who get the jab.

    • @Ash B the crazy part about is….why are they taking tax payer dollars for lotteries? If you have to be paid to “Save yourself” there is something seriously wrong.

  4. It’s definitely not the cat down the road in disguise, he eats a red pill every morning for breakfast 💊

  5. Ralph Smart…Your top…the tree leaves..your skin..all blending together and beautiful. 💙🧡

  6. Choose Love und not Fear! Don´t let you turn into Zombies. Don´t take the Jab.

  7. The sims 4 made a new game pack (cottage living), it’s about canning food, planting your own things, milk your own cow, live naturally and etc. Maybe that’s a sign that a food shortage or something is on its way or maybe it wants to tell people to live more naturally for the better.. i kept thinking about it the whole night.

    • @golden pink diamonds also you’d let your family starve? Because when the food shortage hits full force you won’t be able to find enough veggies and supplements to stay nourished. You’ll have to eat meat. I’m not letting my kids starve, we will fish and hunt and scavenge and plant. Anything we can to feed them. And I absolutely will be coming for your food if I run out of mine.

    • @Lexi 93 all the vegetablists will be clawing for animals to eat.

  8. I told my family I’m not taking the JAB 🚫💉 and if You’ll do I’m no longer going to be in their life they are calling me crazy and a conspiracy theories 🤦🏽‍♀️ I’ve always been a fearless being. Sending nothing but peace love and light to all on this tread.

  9. God it’s good to see you brother. I remember watching your channel years back. Times were different then, glad I found you again man. These are some dark times in our world.

  10. Actually, most Jonestown residents were found shot through the head.

    • The victims that did not want to drink the kool-aid were shot in the head; I think about this every time he mentions it

  11. I started listening to you when my cousin committed suicide in n 2016. I was addicted to alcohol and asleep, falling deeper each day. I began a spiritual awakening starting in September of 2016. 5 years later I live substance free and don’t even recognize who I was 5 years ago. Somewhere along the way I was unsubscribed to this channel (not by my doing). I rediscovered your channel a few days ago and everything feels like it’s come full circle. Your words now resonate with me in ways I didn’t have the growth to see 5 years ago. Bless you friend, you’re one of gods chosen spreading light to the world and awakening the masses. I see that it is now my purpose to do the same. To help awaken those that are asleep and act as a beacon of light in the darkness.

  12. I sometimes sit alone and stop thinking and end up feeling that none of this is real. Like im spectating life

  13. ” Protect your spirit , because you are in the place where spirits get eaten.” — John Trudell

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