The Biggest Joke of All – Alan Watts on The Ego

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An inspirational and profound speech on The Ego from the late philosopher Alan Watts.
Original Audio sourced from: “Alan Watts – Not What Should Be Pt. 2"
Video Produced and Edited by T&H Inspiration

“Ego is a social institution with no physical reality. The ego is simply your symbol of yourself. Just as the word “water” is a noise that symbolizes a certain liquid without being it, so too the idea of ego symbolizes the role you play, who you are, but it is not the same as your living organism.”
– Alan Watts (1915 – 1973)

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  1. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for “pointing towards the moon”.

  2. This is such a difficult thing / concept to understand or accept, probably because it is the ego which listen to the word, yet this video explains it in just an easy way to understand. Very well done, one of my favorite so far!

    • Much simpler to feel and experience it. All understanding becomes internalised.

  3. This video was posted at the perfect time in my life. Thank you.

    • Follow that feeling, don’t think just trust in the process, the universe will provide; its calling you home, away from the illusion

  4. *”you see things that startle you. I hope you feel things you never felt before. I hope you meet people with a different point of view. I hope you live a life you’re proud of. If you find that you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again.”*

    *If you are reading this, never ever give up, we have potential to accomplish our Goals and will succeed. I am cheering for you.*
    Have a very good day!

  5. It’s like Ego tripping … Like the person with a thousand faces and split personalities

    • If Alan was correct you have no personality to split just characters you’re playing.

  6. If I play down on my success because I don’t want people to dislike me for being too proud, I am not humble but I am in an ego trap

    • Your success is your success. Why should you want to play it down. The question is the root of why and how you display it in your immediate surroundings because one should be mindful of one’s surroundings and how ones actions or inactions affect one’s surroundings.

    • More the knowledge lesser the ego,
      Lesser the knowledge more the ego.

  7. I exist, we exist, we are world wide, I love you all my brothers and sisters. Never forget.

  8. This is a really good speech which motivates us to take things as they are and to accept us as the persons we are.

  9. “We” are with us our whole lives and the more things are there, the more we make them part of ourselves

    • No, I refute that as I am not the universe. This place is insane and I’ve zero control over any of it.

    • @Turtle Oceanic I did not state that we have control on an ultimate level

    • @The Self-Improvement Hub then we aren’t the universe.

    • @Turtle Oceanic I am unsure what you mean by that, but I am pretty sure that any form of individual existence is a myth ;D

    • @The Self-Improvement Hub I’m a myth , you’re a legend , the universe is a dream.

  10. SO SHWEEEETTT…much love Tee with LIONS NAMED LEO.[the music worldwide}
    yes yes yes

  11. To be yourself you must fight your fears!! And face them, so you now what you mafe of!!
    You need courage and strength 💪!!
    Live by your heart ♥!

  12. What is it when you feel I? It’s consciousness, and that’s all there is.

  13. -This method is amazing for getting rid of from “ego”
    -Who said that?

  14. You can define yourself as a victim of the world. Or you can define yourself as the world.
    You’re only trapped if you don’t realize that You are the trap. When you see that, there is no longer anything to be trapped.

  15. Common love🥲is the easiest of all 💕 love differently💖❣️

  16. “When ego is lost, limit is lost. You become infinite, kind, beautiful.” Harbhajan Singh Yogi

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