The Astrology of PRODUCTIVITY & SUCCESS! Top 3 Tips to Use Astrology to ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS!

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The Astrology of PRODUCTIVITY & SUCCESS! Top 3 Tips to Use Astrology to ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS!

In this video, Heather gives her top three tips (plus a 4th, bonus tip at the end) for becoming more successful and productive using astrology!

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  1. ⭐🤩⭐Great video ,  My channel is still new and lacking something so I enjoy watching your content for inspiration and guidance. Really appreciate your light, love and blessings 💖🌹💖

  2. Woot! Team Virgo! We appreciate this cause Lord knows we want to be as productive & efficient as possible.

  3. Thank you so much for this video.❤❤❤

    TIP 1 👉2:17 Mars sign placements:
    Aries4:27 Taurus6:39 Gemini8:42 Cancer10:34 Leo12:01 Virgo13:40
    Libra15:35 Scorpio18:36 Saggitarius21:01 Capricorn22:41
    Aquarius24:25 Pisces26:16

    TIP 2👉 29:30 Look for Mars transits throughout the year

    TIP 3 👉 34:18 Energy of the 6th House

    Bonus Tip👉 37:54 Track Lunar calender

  4. Mars in;
    Aries 5:00
    Taurus 6:41
    Gemini 8:45
    Cabcer 10:38
    Leo 12:00
    Virgo 13:41
    Libra 15:37
    Scorpio 18:39
    Sagittarius 21:01
    Capricorn 22:41
    Aquarius 24:27
    Pisces 26:17

  5. 🌹Mars in ♈️ Heather LoL soooo TRUE ! I’m self employed and it’s challenging to keep myself motivated. Thank you for the insights. I find if I start a few projects and work on different ones during the day, I can keep myself going and keep the end objective in mind. Have been really enjoying the extended Mars in Aries this year, though I may be in the minority 🤣💗 my Mars return 💖 I love Mars💖🙏🏼🌹

  6. Heather you are expanding my knowledge on all of this so much. Sincere thank you for sharing.

  7. I absolutely love your Virgo and Scorpio’s placement and the way you structure your videos (deep n detail)
    Thank you!

  8. Hahahha my Mars in Sag, hubby in Gemini no wonder we get along because we can be anywhere and anything we do together 😂😂🤣

  9. I’m Pisces (26 Feb), have checked Mars on my birthday and it was in Leo on that day/time. So, if I got it right, in this video I should follow Mars in Leo, right?

  10. Thanks for this Heather!!
    As a mars in Cancer I find my motivation comes from my Children and my place of living, no doubt ;).

  11. 🌸🦋🌸this was fascinating but I must learn what it means that my natal Mars in cancer is retro ……definitely takes a lot to push me to anger but dude once I get there. Look!!!!out!!!! 😘😘😘great video. You rock happy. Healthy. New year!!!

  12. Thank you Heather, very informative! You’ve just described the way I work everyday 🤣 Mars in Gemini with Pisces 6th house: cycling through multiple projects in a “going with the flow” mode. Boredom is the worst thing that can happen to me, multitasking all the time…

  13. What would you say to those who have Mars conjunct their ascendant? Obviously sign is a factor but I’ve heard some great things about it and some not so great things… asking for a friend 🤣

  14. This made me think. I have Mars in Pisces but my saving grace is that I’m an Aries ascendant.

  15. Mars in Sagittarius & spot on about this past year bringing about frustration! 🙋‍♀️🤦‍♀️😕

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