The Ascension Teachings of Saint Francis

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William Henry explores the life, history, teachings, and ascension of St. Francis of Assisi. He notes how Francis’s teachings parallel the ancient words of the original ascension keepers, the Essenes. We examine the works of art inspired by Francis that show he fulfilled the ultimate mission of resurrection and ascension.

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  1. I know Francis, he was a cement statue in Grandma’s backyard growing up as a kid. I used to sit in tree’s and sing to him, and notice more life come into the yard. His blessings work. Just gotta believe.

    • You do realize that that statue was manufactured by someone just trying to make money to feed himself and possibly his family. It have no power, it was you imagining power.
      Nothing more than the power of suggestion.

  2. My Mom had a ceramic statue of Saint Francis with a bird in his hand in a wooden grotto on our front porch 🕊


  4. I was fortunate enough to go on 3 retreats in Assisi when my husband & I were stationed in Italy (La Maddalena). Assisi is a magical place & I highly recommend visiting there. ❤️

  5. I was born on Saint Francis Day and named Clara after Saint Claire. I’m not religious in any way, but I find myself drawn to Saint Francis’ love of animals.

  6. it takes nearly 800 years since St. Francis of Assissi death for a Pope takes his name

  7. This is new Gaia discuss Jesus Christ☺
    I thought its all about aliens and ufo’s and other galactic beings haha🙏😇💙

    • @adastra What is certain is whatever saints angels other beings aliens ufos whatever you call it other galacting beings spirit guides all of those beings all came from God even stars and planets. I will be on God side even if he is not perfect, but seeing earths nature i think its perfecly made. Only humans are flawed, maybe earth is the living being and we are just like the small living organism inside it haha. No we are important to God.☺

  8. Thanks for the free vid. I recommend to y’all Saint Francis prayer. Happy day!

  9. I noticed that some people that channel Jesus very often called him yeshua( we all know that it is the original name of Jesus) and Sananda
    Can you do a video about that?

    • that would be cool, and maybe a comparison between the lives of Jesus and krishna

  10. When I made Confirmation at the catholic church I grew up in, I picked ‘Frances’ as my name after ‘St. Francis of Assissi the animal saint’ because I love animals and wanted to be a veterinarian! I am proud to carry his name as part of mine! LOKAH SAMASTAH SUKHINO BHAVANTU 💚👽🛸🐶😻🐄🐷🐔🦜🦚🐳🐬🍀🍄🌎

  11. This man has such a pleasing presentation style and his voice is easy on the ear, a sense of calming. He’s perfect for Spiritual and Religious subjects, particularly Religions, as they can be so fear promoting.

    They scared me so deeply as a child that it continues to require “Release Thought Efforts”.

    The upcoming Solar eclipse in Gemini has Ruler Mercury in Gemini in Retrograde (representing need to apply the “re’s”, review, reduce, rennovate, re-emerge, and *”Re-Start”* + Mercury represents Communications, our Thinking Mind, Cognitive Thoughts, and daily Mind tasking.)

    I would love to pair him with a Research Team that includes, 2 of each: Researchers, expert in Old Hebrew and it’s Interpretation, Historians focused on era of 100 BC/E – 400 AD/CE, History of Egypt, the Levant, era shipping/trade, Experts on the Escenes, a student of Laurence Gardner, and (an Expert in the History of the New Testament and Gnostic Gospels who was a Professor Emeritus retired from Yale University with previous experience teaching at Rhodes College/Memphis and Duke University).

    …and an individual who can determine why the Nag Hamadi Finds and Dead Sea Scrolls were in the possession of Rockefeller’s Museum in Israel for over 40 years before releasing finds.

    Are some things too obvious to believe?

    All working in a collective towards gaining: *(The facts of Yeshua/Jesus, his life, teachings, and his human death.)*

    Yeshua was a Rabbi and in good standing with his Religious Affiliation, Judaism.

    (Money Exchangers, the Zionists of the era and the Roman Governor of the Levant.) Then Constatine and his Priests establishing his “1 State Religion Roman Version”. Makes little sense except for a tool to support his Power.

    I want the true clarity of Yeshua/Jesus as a man and on his teachings. Doesn’t everyone?

  12. “St Francis of Assisi” by Morris Bishop.
    For the truth seeker.

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