The Aching Heart – Sad Poems for Sorrowful Times

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A powerful collection of solemn poems to reflect on.

Read by James Smillie, Dave Luukkonen and Shane Morris

Content of this video:
0:00 – When You Are Old by William Butler Yeats
1:37 – The Rainy Day by H. W Longfellow
3:34 – When I Have Fears by John Keats
5:12 – The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost
7:05 – No More A-Roving by Lord Byron
8:06 – Alone by Edgar Alan Poe

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  1. Whoever reading this, God knows what you are facing through, He heard your cry, He is going to deliver you. Just trust in him

  2. Yeaaiii I am the first one. Another amateur poetry channel here. enjoying poems like rain, sun, moon or the stars. Poetry is peace. A soothing landscape to the mind.

  3. There’s a narration of ‘when you’re old’ by Collin Farrell, it’s really good.

  4. You should have kept Robert Frost’s reading of his poem. The tone feels noticeably different here, it doesn’t carry the same impact.

  5. I just came across the YouTube Channel and I love what you all are producing. We need wisdom such as this during a time of chaos. Keep it up!

  6. My favorite poet? It’s not a matter of favorites, but which poet’s profundity pieces my consciousness at a given point in time thereby taking up his or her place in my heart.

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