The 6th Dimension and the Architects of Reality

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Matias De Stefano introduces us to the sixth dimension, a place where our perceptions of the contrast of polarities become illusions. It is here where we find architects of reality who know how to build entire universes, as they are free from the limits of time and space.

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    • I’d like to know where this speaker gets his math from. His sources about dimensions. Does it agree with any string theory? Seriously. It doesn’t seem to follow carl sagans model either. Of tesseracts.

  1. Thank you G³A⁶I⁹A for everything you do and everything you are Positivity and Agapé to you infinity♾️🍎🌻

  2. Good looking out! Amazing information and video as usual. Keep it up and don’t ever stop


  4. I watched the full series on Gaia, it is great. Would love to see content from Gaia on the Urantia book and the fifth epochal revelation of the Cosmic family Volume and The Venus Project.

    • Tbh I would love for any channel at this point to put out a solid modern video on the UB :/

  5. Hola…. habilitar subtitulado en español…por favor…🌞🤗

  6. Thank you so much you are so powerful and I am as well thank you I love everything you do

  7. There are higher dimensions – in each dimension there are beings that exist

  8. Disagreed with all, because the darkness is only does what worked in the past civilizations. It isn’t creative, but we are as the Creator Consciousness beings. Who would believe anything you say? The first problem is “belief” = programming. The second obvious fail to convince is you don’t know who you are, or maybe you are deceiving because you are not the same as the rest of us. This will work for most peeps who do not know who they really are as high energy frequency of like Creator consciousness that is not singularities. Not once have you mentioned that at all. We are the creators not the dark… You’re pushing a narrative that is obviously a manipulation and programming for control over the masses of Creator Consciousness collectively. Have you listened to this guy really listened? It’s blatantly obvious the intentions here. He is part of the confusion. That’s because he is possessed by Darkness. Matias de Stefano you are either brainwashed or you are knowing that you are steering people down the path of unconsciousness. I’d rather say that you are knowing steering Creator Consciousness that has Amnesia down the path 2 total unawareness and unconsciousness state so that the life force energy can be harvested from them as you work with the dark or you are one of them. Could be that your mind control to do so as well. You’re at the least possessed by the negative inversion consciousness.

    • You stuck on understanding darkness as bad, while darkness primary meaning does not contain the meaning of bad, neither something destructive or harmfull, nor agressive or evil. It’s only an alegoria, poetical metaforism, which constantly promoted and used in every possible aspect, narrowing and thus distorting, disabling ability to recognize the range of spectrum, the colours, tones, subtile harmony of differencies.
      Do not build dogmas, don’t think and talk your concepts as the true reality, it’s just an opinion, it’s just a reflection, that was built of another concepts, opinions.
      We do not know the true Truth and only blind and fool ourselves with all kinds of illusions and beliefs, credos and mottos, by taking them for something supeme over the rest.
      Disprogram yourself, reject and object all you think you know, daubting everything makes open mind.
      “The only certain thing I know, is that I don’t know anything!” /Socrates/
      Blessings and greetings from Russia, with Love (-:

    • Hey Leslie, I’d love to comment on this. You are of course right that the ultimate truth is that we are all one creator, manifesting reality, each other, and ourselves. However, there is an infinite variety of beings, differentiated in part by their connection to that ultimate truth. Some beings, like animals, are instinctual, selfish. Others, like humans, are partially instinctual, partially intelligent, and partially spiritual. The closer you get to our ultimate form, God, the more your species resembles him; his awareness, his ability to directly manipulate reality, live longer, etc… Those beings may not be the ultimate creators, but certainly have more direct control over reality than we do. Yes, they are us, and we are them, or will be, but they are still Gods from our physical perspective. We have likely had many interactions with these beings over the ages. None of that changes the ultimate truth, that we are one. But this one is infinite! Every possibility is accounted for, including lower gods, dark entities, light entities. Ultimately, they are just us, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. If we exist, they exist.

  9. I LOVE this series. I gorged on every episode, then did it again!
    A true masterpiece of galactic / internal Wisdom. This does require the observer to be spiritually mature to grasp the blessings of the dark / challenge. Clearly, we as a whole are experiencing the dark taking over of our nation / world since Feb 20, 21, so that sleepers can see the light being diminished with each passing day. A forced heros journey.
    The Great Awakening is in progress. Thank you Gaia, your channel has been & continues to benefit Humanity in the most important ways ♥️🌎♥️

  10. the Universe is trying to find itself in different perspectives, is trying to understand to learn about himself…

    please can someone explain it in easier way – if possible

    • The universe is learning about itself from different perspectives.

      Everything in the material realm/made out of matter are all little pieces of the universe, experiencing itself.

      God is everything, around everything, and inside everything, including us.

      Dogs, cats, people, fish, rocks, atoms, electrons, spaghetti etc, are all teeny bits of the universe experiencing itself

    • @Nitin Sawant Because you are the universe. As am I. Just how the universe is also us. Everything is the universe because everything is made by the universe. Therefore, anything anyone does, is the universe experiencing itself.

      How you choose to experience yourself is up to you on an individual level.

  11. Not gonna lie this is a really sucky documentary. Little to no scientific evidence. Check gaias comment section here, below,, for my physics questions on this stuff

  12. The journey is an inward journey of the self on an individualistic basis. True alchemy is mental transmutation.

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