The 5 Mentalities of Mastery | Robin Sharma

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Seriously rich and robust stream of ideas, insights and implementation strategies that have taken me–oh, about 20 years to discover–in today's Mastery Session.

Sure you've got a lot to do today. Got it. But just roll with me and watch this episode if you want to discover The 5 Mentalities of Mastery that the geniuses, business superstars and ultra-effectlive people run quietly through their minds.

With a ton of encouragement, here you go:

In this high-content session, you'll learn:

–The Lunchbox Mentality (and how it will make you unbeatable in your field)

–The phenomenon I call "The Collective De-Professionalization of Business" and how you can leverage it to your advantage today

–Potent ways to release your past so you can produce your brilliant future

–The peak belief of exceptional entrepreneurs (that also just happens to be the antidote to scarcity in your life)

And definitely share it with your team + friends so we spread the value to as many people as possible.

With love + respect for your highest ambitions + greatest talents,


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  1. Great message, this is a rare voice in a noisy world. Robin’s messages has changed my life.

  2. “The lunchbox mentality”, very powerful thought Robin. The moment you start to take yourself for granted, you lose that fire to improve. And without improvement, you can never succeed.

  3. Thanks a million Robin. I don’t have the habit of binge watching. But one day i am gonna Binge watch all your videos and mastery sessions to rewire my brain and become an A player.

  4. Great, Robin. Good example about Novak Djokovic and some others. Thank you.

  5. “How may I serve the most people?” – this question was a game changer for me and has allowed me to wake up every day knowing I’m doing my best work, and sharing a message that matters. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

  6. In this video i learned:
    The 5 mentalities of mastery.
    1. The lunchbox vs executive mentality.
    2. The rigorous vs superficial mentality.
    3. The leader vs victim mentality.
    4. The future vs past mentality.
    5. The helper vs taker mentality.

  7. When I listen Robin voice, soothing to my ear. Great motivational lecture. Thanks Sharma ji.

  8. Mastery session filled with wisdom. Truly Amazing. Keep inspiring and empowering the world. God bless you Robin

  9. When I took my breakfast I was hearing you in YouTube so am I distracting my self or investing??

  10. thank you amazing Robin Sharma! Everyone of your vids is a winner. Simple as that.

  11. I am so thankful my boyfriend introduced me to Robin Sharma and his book “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”. Life changing!

  12. Thank you so much ! It was really inspiring.
    *The 5 Mentalities of Mastery*
    __Be like a plumber or labour
    __Be an ameture
    __Professionals don’t think they are professional.

    __Be and go granular
    __Read and learn about your career
    __Get a mentor
    __Don’t rush through a topic or project
    __Go deep (on one thing) V/S Wide

    __Don’t give away your power
    __Lead without a title

    __Don’t get stuck in the past
    __Journal your past and burn it
    __Don’t let stained past deny your spotless future

    __The person who serves the most wins
    __He who serves the best prosperous the most
    __Value distribution to people

    Once again thank you so much Robin Sharma 🌍❣️

  13. This has to be one of my all-time favorites of Mr. Sharma’s teachings. Thank you so much. Peace!

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