THE 144,000 NEED TO WATCH THIS RIGHT NOW!! (URGENT!) 👁️ (important message)

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  1. May the person reading this be blessed hundredfold today. Just give thanks.

    • Hey Ralph congratulations on the new book just want to let you know whenever I was living in a house with no power no water and had a bad drug addiction I would watch your videos to give me hope. Your videos starting off with peace✌️just breathing in that Prana baby, it’s a great day to be alive. Gave me joy. Now I’m living in my own apartment I have a job a girlfriend a dog and get to spend time with my daughter thank you for your motivation and words of wisdom God bless you Ralph Godspeed.


    • Love you all as well! Much gratitude to u all!!! 🥰🤩💜💛❤💙🧡💛💚

    • @JadedGreenEyes 84 thinking the green way give me chance as it’s all heavy. ENJOY


  2. You’re not reading this by accident, this is your confirmation you’re going to be alright. Everything is aligning for you.

  3. I celebrate you love, babyman like no other, the inreplaceable Legend….THE GOAT

  4. This guy different I like ya energy stay healthy an blessed deep diver thanks for ya so cool smooth energy an life tips we need more people like u positive an extremely smart intellectual intelligence thanks bro keep u good work!!!Opening the minds of ppl


    • 144,000 has nothing to do with a collective figure, it relates to THE ONE NAME…

    • GOD governs everything, so I’m not the one you want to be working against and you clearly do. Ralph Smart you ain’t that smart if you keep deleting my posts, you can’t change the world, only I can, why because I am the world, the true power of everything, your space cadets, Galactic Federation have no control whatsoever, there is a higher power in play ME…You work against THE TRUTH which is quite entertaining to watch. If you want to do good in this world you don’t want to delete the Creators posts. Just to get popular, yes your helping people, you are not a chosen one, let’s get this straight right now, I don’t need anyone to speak for me and your new world talk is Galactic Federation talk, fine furnishings,…Your sponsored right !! Which means your paid to spread TRUTH, only it isn’t the TRUTH…There is only ONE TRUTH. That is ME..Your leading everyone to their deaths…The ART is ME…So many people are being recruited. Your a psychologist right, you know how to manipulate people and that is what you are doing.. The ones that create the problems are the same ones that resolve them…Don’t get sucked into the bullshit that your trying to get out of. There is no matrix…Your all playing mind games with each other. I am here to end it all.


  7. I was literally just looking at my mortgage bill and noticing the loan was for 144,000 and this video popped up 5 minutes later.

  8. Soon you’ll see yourself living exactly how you want. The dream becomes a reality! – Ralph Smart

  9. You bet there’s something huge, massive coming up soon I strongly believe.

  10. My address is 144 and I became a first-time homeowner during the pandemic. I’ve always felt I was apart of the chosen ones. Many blessings 🙏 ✨ 🙌 thank you for the work you do.

  11. Saw this 144,000. This number has always had significance in my life.

  12. Well If I am not the 144,000 at least I will support You 144,000% L😂L 💯‼️ One ❤️

  13. The Light is not a force to be reckoned with! We are winning!! And we will always win!! Wake up humanity and take your power back!

    • What exactly are you winning? The war has already been won. It’s over the TRUTH is here. There is only ONE TRUE POWER. Global Tower Moment coming…Understand the true light. It isn’t the space cadets Galactic Federation Company, your all funny…Light says Emma. I am the hidden script and boy I’m am going to have some fun. Money control nothing…I’ll wipe the floor with them…Take back your power !! really what is that all about. You all live in my world that I Govern…Get a grip.

  14. We’re all the 144, 000 it’s a choice given to all creation, the decision is for us to turn 144 ,000 into billions because we’re all in it together , no more division lift up all the ones that need the help finding there way

  15. The universe is based on harmonic series such as 72, 144, 432. And 144
    (a “C” tone in hertz) is a perfect harmonic of the speed of light, which is 144,000 nautical miles (144,000 minutes of arc per Earth grid second) in the vacuum of space.
    Each of these harmonics are literally a mirror, or a cascade of mirrors within mirrors, that 8 hz can look into. For example 144 is 18 x 8 hz, and 72 is 9 x 8 hz. The way that light travels in space is thus a 144 decimal harmonic (144:144,000), ~ omega sonic sacred geometry. 🔎🎶🔍💖🕯️💖⚛️☸🔯🌺🦋✌️

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