Texas governor lifts mask mandate and declares: ‘It’s time to open 100%’ GOOD NEWS!!! | Ralph Smart

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  1. May the next few months be a period of beautiful transformations for you.
    THE NEW BOOK NOW AVAILABLE: http://www.ralphsmart.com/thebook
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    • Animals are smart ! Most people are not. Just look at the way they live with weak minds ,drugs, porn, hate and just eating animals filled with hormones because they don’t Care.

    • You always mention a cat 🐈 down the road… can you do a video on cats?

    • What about the 500’000 dead people? My first year EVER not catching a cold or the flu! #promask

  2. May the next few months be a period of beautiful transformations for you.

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  3. I clicked faster than Ralph could say he hasn’t had breakfast yet🙌

  4. Power to the people is like a domino effect – even the little things will lead to a knock on effect of inspiring the rest to follow suit !!!💙⭐️

  5. Suicide, anxiety, depression, hunger, poverty, and criminality are all up. This should come as no surprise. We need to be free.

    • Bro! Your comments are everywhere! Actually I think I’ve seen you in the Minority Mindset YouTube channel. Both good channels, Jaspreet and Ralph smart dudes.

    • @Sharon Jukes good theory, go to jail for a few years see how free it feels 😂

    • No suprise! Yes, the consequences where to forsee. What a scam.

  6. Lockdown was a massive power trip for every dictator wannabe everywhere in the world.

  7. “Freedom, in any case, is only possible by constantly struggling for it” ⭐️🙏🏾

  8. This is no celabration, why? Because it shouldn’t have been done in the first place. Let’s see what happens next. Its not like this is the end.

    • It’s a good sign. This mask wearing is having many lost under the mask. This is a start we have to stand and say enough is enough. 💕

    • Mandates aren’t laws, they’re not enforceable. No governor, mayor or president has the power to create a law. All just smoke & mirrors to get people to voluntarily comply out of fear of repercussions. It was always up to the people to simply stop acquiescing.

    • @ORPHEUS OWL Rebellious Earthling and many didn’t exactly pass that test!

    • @Maria Rossi Funny how a guideline/mandate is being “lifted” just as the CDC recommends putting panty hose over 2 masks for extra ‘protection.”

    • @ORPHEUS OWL Rebellious Earthling Indeed so. This whole situation can very easily get overwhelmingly depressing. I try to spend time focusing on the kind of society I wish to live in to try to cope. Admittedly, some days are better than others with all this.

  9. I live in Texas and I love this, the only bad thing about it is that a lot of businesses are still going to have the mask wearing in place. So if you don’t wear the mask you can’t go in to some big chain stores. Change is good.

    • @Shan Ra me too. They work around hot areas and then you just don’t want anyone speaking over your food, drink. This makes sense. I live here in Texas & I was relieved of this because I love the out doors. The cold snap could have killed off the virus because isn’t this what we all forgot? Why just be under the thumb of orders?

    • Just don’t be a patron of those businesses. The last thing we need to do is fight against the right to refuse service. Those business owners will change their tune soon enough when the competition takes all their customers.

    • I’m in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas and the city of FW and the state are both lifting the mandate. Yes some stores will still “require” the mask but look around, the so called rules are already being broken! You can’t take away our natural born right to live and be free! There was land before there was law!

    • @C Robinson It’s better that we don’t buy at those stores, until they choose to lift their restrictions. Cancel culture could put that mask right back on us when an SJW business owner starts ranting online. Remember the wedding cake BS? Do we want to threaten the rights of our business owners in TX? Compromising any right is a slippery slope, and we’re slipping faster by the day. One of the few ways we have remaining to protect our liberties is our spending in what is still thankfully a capitalistic system. I’d say the same thing if we were talking about purple hats, lol.

    • @drivethrupoet I get what you’re saying. Fight the system. But there really is no need for that (on this issue). In most of these places, I’m already going in there with my mask sitting comfortably right over my chin or without it at all. Lots of others are just as “forgetful”… Half of the time it’s the employees who also “forgot”. It’s not really being enforced but if it comes to that, then I would definitely shift directions to a business that doesn’t feed on fear.

  10. It’s better to walk alone than with a crowd going in the wrong direction. 👁💫🍀

    • @Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) Hi Ralph! You are a blessing to the world. Could you please tell me the name of the song you use at the end of your videos? I absolutely want to listen to it in full. THANK YOU!!

  11. I heard this and was so happy, everyone is tired of being told what to do, staying on the hamster wheel, and just following the sheep.
    Our kind are not meant to be alone, they dont want us to share positive energy. They are afraid of how strong we have always been.
    Great day my siblings, we already made it.

  12. My husband is laughing so hard because of your “Feel so good to be alive, baby”. You sound so funny! We love you Ralph! Happy Journey!

    • Clearly it’s not…if that was true no one would put on a mask to begin with. Freedom is a mindset, and begins through healing. You can be a billionaire on the move and still be in jail in your mind. Internally imprisoned.

  13. My own mother is so scared and lonely but declining family gatherings to “be safe”. Gotta give them all space to grow into their sovereignty

    • Same with my mother in law who lives next door to us. We’ve only seen her through the window since before Christmas. She is now saying that we can only visit her if we have the vaccine 😔

  14. “Freedom Is Nothing Else But A Chance To Be Better.”
    – Albert Camus

  15. “When something bad happens, you have three choices. You can either let it define you, let it destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you.” 🙏🏽

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