Tetrahedron UFOs Over the Kremlin and Pentagon

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In December of 2009, a pyramid-shaped UFO appeared over the Kremlin. That same day a mysterious spiral appeared over Norway. Just over nine years later, another pyramid hovered over the Pentagon for hours. We hear from eyewitnesses and experts who examine the footage of these giant tetrahedrons looming over two of the world's most secure locations. This leaves us with many questions. If this is an elaborate hoax, who would perpetuate it and why? If this is real, why did the military not intercede? Could these incidents be a message for all of humanity concerning extraterrestrial intervention preventing nuclear conflicts?

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    • @Wing Wang Interesting Comment, How Did You Come To This Conclusion?

  1. Djinns, Qareens, Archons, Devas etc and their human hybrids have technological superiority and excellent record keeping skills (AI, there’s nothing new under the sun) owing to their material age and experiences. So it’s high time we accept the fact without getting impressed or hating it out of fear, arrogance and ignorance.

    • @Turkish Punisher Calmly retrieve that stick out of your a$$ please.

    • @Turkish Punisher Sensless comment? Those are my thoughts and feelings and you condemning instead of respecting them proves your evil character to me. You are a Reptilian.

    • @Turkish Punisher Prove it? That’s obviously your opinion but in no way provable! Although probable, coming to unproven facts is a mistake and one most shouldn’t be willing to take. Each to own💯 One thing is a fact.. one way or another, UFO’s are real and will one day (when allowed) will change the knowledge of earth forever or till the next global extinction event😉

    • @Turkish Punisher One more thing.. clearly you’ve never read the Bible! The Bible even mentions giants on earth.

    • @Mikemiz55 Bible also mentioned flat earth and many more scientific errors. I see no reason to talk to any of you kiddos.

  2. Declassification? Lol a nine page report with 2 cover pages? Watch Richard Dolan’s podcast from last night that some of the real report was leaked to him. Mostly our own stuff
    Edit: I said mostly because exotic ET elements are being studied as well. Ion propulsion, anti gravity, and some other things.

  3. Acceptance is calming, Be at peace with ones self and realize just how big our Universe is!

  4. “What will we learn” from the declassified report?
    Not a damn thing. You didn’t really think they would tell you something bombshell? Did you?

    • @MIZZ UND3RST00D So say we all.
      I do get along with everyone ,until I feel the slap on my face. But I have moved on, at this point no worries

    • @Joseph D’Bennidettoyup lol that’s how it’s done. maybe someone is making us stay quiet or maybe we are fulfilling a promise to stay quiet.to who or what IDK.. People probably wouldn’t believe our government if they did come out and tell us the truth. Last thing you said you don’t see this ending well what don’t you see ending well??

    • And all those rockets falling into the Bermuda triangle tisk

    • @Joseph D’Bennidetto More than words, we are not these vessels…
      The so callted slap on the face is an illusion to get one to react….
      So how did 0ne love?¿? What did 0ne learn¿?¿
      ✌💯💙THE CH0ICE💜~aka~💖THE LAW 0F 0NE💚💯✌

  5. Your telling me a giant triangle shape ufo was sitting above the pentagon for three hours, and only one video captured it lol. There thousands of cameras monitoring that place, highly doubt it

    • @William Gates III that’s different, that was a split second event, if you believe the official lie. Something being in the same place for three hours would have had msm filming it.

    • The men in black sorted it so the news didn’t get out 😂😂😂

  6. If it was hovering over the pentagon for over three hours with no military intervention it must be visiting extraterrestrials. Perfect timing

    • Where’s the evidence must have footage if it was there for 3 hours

  7. We all know what the government is gonna tell us, bunch of lies. They might be using the worlds best writers to create a believable story instead of telling the truth 🙏

    • They realize, if they did release the truth, it would be the evidence to prove they’ve been lying about U.F.O’S who would the citizens be able to trust after regarding the Government,President,Military or Corporations ?
      Considering, how can we really trust the President or Vaccines ?

    • June 30, 2021 Fox tv channel had a tv show on UFO’s. 1 hour.

    • @Marec Huber Nobody should trust any politicians. They seek to keep us all divided over theoretical issues. If they really wanted us to vote for anything, then nowadays everyone has a computer in their pockets, and most people have a unique serial number, so why not let us vote about each issue?

  8. I’ve seen something like this twice but it’s not even nearly as big, it’s a different metal and the movement looks wrong.
    I saw it on a bright day so close I could see the non shine metal it was made of.

  9. I saw something kinda similar to the thumbnail, it was a large rectangle, hovering in the sky, about 4:30 am in NW NC, it was black darker than the night sky, there was no sound, it was solid black, with random specks of light, it looked like a black skyscraper at night, with random lights on, I stared at it for a half hour, then drove to town looking at it, it still hasn’t moved, it was likely still there after sunrise, but not visable, it didn’t stand out, you could miss it, if you didn’t look up, but once you saw it, there was no mistake it was plain as day, clear as a cloud in the daytime sky, it freaked me out a bit, it was an amazing sight, seeing something that is very obvious, that we should not have the tech to put something like that in the sky, silently.. I was wondering if we were being invaded! When I could stop looking at it, I got my phone to try seeing if anything was on the internet about it! It looked to be huge, like at arms lenth, nearly as tall as the normal near full moon! It was an amazing sight, I will never forget!! I gust hope someone else saw it! There isn’t many ppl up and out before 6amvaround here, I saw it between 4:30-5:30am, I still feel the rush and amazement when thinking about it, and feel no one believes what I saw!!

  10. Shapes convey understanding, with that being said, “know thyself ” comes to mind. Waking up is hard to do at times.

  11. If the armed forces didn’t inspect these Objects flying over government palace buildings it’s because they knew about it and were ok with that. We could assume Russia and the USA authorities actually received alien visitations. These governments have a list of reasons to stay quiet about such event. And also a meeting at night makes a lot of sense.

  12. The government didn’t release anything we didn’t already know. Who knows if they’ll ever tell us the truth

  13. I think religion and money are a big reason for not revealing other life yet. They’ve been feeding in drip drabs though through social media etc, hopefully making younger generations more calming to it

  14. If something was hovering over the pentagon for just 3 minutes they’re would have been a military response guaranteed. Unless… that’s the preferred parking of visiting et’s who had an appointment with them.

    • who knows, lol like where else would you park a spaceship that big? i don’t think even JFK international would be able to house that fucker 🤔

    • That was my ‘ I’m out’ moment..3 hours ok Gaia 😐

  15. Unless the powers on this planet want to give up their power , they’ll will never be a disclosure period.

  16. It must be from military themselves so they didn’t take any action. Must be to protect that area. Military is always 100 years ahead in technology. They combine alien technology and develop things.

  17. Alien origins: bug humanoid people, reptilian humanoid, nordic humanoid, bio humanoid, etc. Origins: humans on the earth.

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