Test your speed reading in 1 minute #Shorts

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  1. Sir, please suggest me some ways in which i can improve my reading as well as writing speed🙏

    • Himeesh madaan| speed reading technique youtube video, is really an effective 1

  2. Waw.. this is the coolest thing I ever saw …. Like wanting more of this… Wish this was the way that we read words holding our eyes one spot and just translating letters into words. Rather moving from side to side across sentences…. This I think is speed reading 2.0 …. The old fashion method of speed reading have nothing on what I just saw🍃

  3. By the way, I did this test multiple times, first on 0.75x speed and then on normal, then 1.25x and then so forth and so on up to 2x speed and my reading speed became 1000 words per minute.
    Now I could read up to 1000 words per minute and finish books within days. This test just proves it all the more.
    Edit: I wish Youtube had up to 10x speed so I could make my reading speed up to 5000 words per minute.

  4. There is a really cool browser extension that lets you read text online exactly like in this video, it’s called Swift read and it’s completely for free ^^

    • That’s cool. Makes reading more interesting, idk if I can comprehend what I read but I liked the challenge of reading this fast

    • @Super Scribe One of the greatest challenges of reading faster is actually to move your eyes properly( Or having to move your eyes at all). This is completely eliminated with this extension ^^ You also extend your peripheral view and learn to read more than one word at a time. You can just keep your eyes on the colored letter 😀

    • @「X3NON」キセノン true. So what is the point of this extension? Haha

  5. What happened to me is that when sentences pass by crazy fast i don’t read word by word, i just have a picture of the sentences and I actually understand the whole theme.

  6. But Sir I think it doesn’t matter how much fast anyone read… instead how is your reading matters the most…like pronunciation,pause time, expression,feel,as per the sentence…

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