Techniques to ACTIVATE Your Pineal Gland

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Get a microdose of techniques that can help you consciously activate your pineal gland and unlock your spiritual connection to the universe. We hear from scientists and mystics who explore ancient roots and modern discoveries about this pinecone-shaped part of the endocrine system. Activating your pineal gland may be the key to unlocking your greatest potential.

Rewired with Dr. Joe Dispenza –
Mystery Teachings with Dr. Theresa Bullard –
Dennis McKenna and Dr. Rick Strassman on Psychedelica –

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    • I want to subscribe to a year of you’re streaming service but I am afraid the platform is not advance enough and will not deliver an enjoyable user experience!

  1. It is the geometric center of our brain , and it is intimately linked to our bodys perception of light. How to activate the pineal gland ?
    Sleep in complete darkness to produce enough melatonin to produce a good night restfull sleep.

    • Stay in darkness for as long as you can, so that you are forced to create your own light.

  2. the symbolism of the serpent. He sure is everywhere in occult. HMM could this be the same serpent from the garden?? the that deceived eve. his name is satan!! there are two paths the broad or the narrow!

  3. I have a question, maybe someone here can help with some information.
    I’ve never been into spirituality in a literal sense like yoga or anything like that. But, I do pay close attention to my mind and the world around me. I’ve always been able to visually see the magnetic field that everything emits if I let myself. Lately, I’ve been allowing it to happen more to study it to see if there was anything to learn from it. Last night I was looking at the stars through my telescope and I let my vision shift while looking up and I started noticing, what I can only describe as an extremely tight sections that were themselves “braided” at larger distances in a chaotic, but ordered pattern.
    Anyone know wtf this is? I’ve already asked this to another group that are more Astrophysics focused. Thought it may have been the earth’s magnetic field but, it doesn’t look like that.
    If not, it’s all good; I’m just trying to be open minded about this thing. Probably should go get a scan for a stroke or something lol.

  4. If you believe and have faith you can create, everything around us is an reflection of our mind…look around you. Look what you have in your hand and what you choose to watch…and read. Hello…mind.

  5. Once your pineal gland goes full tilt you will truly see the world around you as it really is

  6. Go by feel. Focus your energy on your pineal. I “popped” after Dr. Joe did a mind movie meditation at his latest advanced workshop. I released energy for a hour after everyone left for lunch. An indescribable amount of energy vibrated throughout my body and I was in complete bliss, love and joy. This was on day 5 of the workshop and I only been meditating everyday for few months now. 🫀🧠

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